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Personal Chef Job Description

Tulika Nair
If you are planning to hire a personal chef, then you would want to know what are the different things he would be responsible for. This story should give you all the information you want.
So you thought that personal chefs were only fictional characters in comic strips like Richie Rich? Well, you couldn't be further from the truth. In today's world, no more are personal chefs a luxury. In fact many families are opting to hire chefs to make weekly meals for them.
From families where both parents are working, to those who simply can afford the opulence of gourmet food, these chefs cater to one and all. So if you hire a personal chef, what would he do for you? This story should help you understand the responsibilities of a private chef.

Job Description of a Personal Chef

Today having a personal chef is not something that is very rare. In fact, there are many households that are employing chefs increasingly, if not on a daily basis, then for special functions.
While earlier hiring a chef was an expensive affair because the chef used to work exclusively for the family, today a chef can choose to work for several families, thereby reducing the costs incurred by the household.
It is also possible to hire a chef who comes in a couple of times a month and cooks you a specific number of meals that can be reheated when you want to eat it.
In order to become a private chef it is important that you have a great passion for understanding and cooking food. You need to be familiar with different cuisines and you should be able to create food that the employer would appreciate.
If you want to become a personal chef, then you may need to have professional training from a culinary school. If you are a chef, then some work experience with a restaurant would show well on your resume.
It may also be a good idea to get a membership of the U.S. Personal Chef Association (USPCA) as it will give you an edge of unregistered chefs. So, what does the job description of a personal chef entail? Just look up the list below and you will understand what demands are made on a person who works as a personal chef.
  • The main duty or responsibility of the chef is to of course prepare meals for their employer. You may or may not have a team to work with, depending on the employer.
  • It is up to the chef to prepare weekly or even monthly menus that would be then approved by the employer.
  • A personal chef should ideally be aware of any celebratory events that are impending and create special menus for the same and coordinate the food for the occasion in conference with the rest of the staff.
  • Hygiene is an important factor in cooking and it is the chef's responsibility to ensure that the food is not only tasty but also hygienic.
  • As a chef for the household, you will be expected to be aware of the meal timings and you will need to ensure that all the meals be served on time.
  • A personal chef also has the added responsibility of ensuring that the kitchen is always stocked and all the groceries are purchased on time.
  • As a personal chef, you will be expected to understand the tastes of every member of the household and prepare food in accordance to their likes and dislikes. You will also need to be aware of medical conditions, intolerance, and allergies to avoid any cause for concern due to dietary intake.
  • If you do specialize in a particular type of cuisine, then this could work in your favor, especially in case your employer has special needs that matches your qualifications.
As a personal chef, you could charge employers on an hourly basis or on an annual basis. The normal charges are in the range of USD 15 to USD 35 for an hour. This of course can differ depending on the chef's experience in the field.
Some chefs also charge per meal that they prepare and still others who work exclusively for one family, tend to have annual pay packets. Depending on your employer's needs, the job description can vary but the basic duties and responsibilities of the chef remain the same.