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Personal Branding for Job Seekers

How to get a dream job with the help of personal branding.
Ambesh Tiwari
Define your dream company

Check relevancy with yourself 

Check the guide and follow it 
Follow them on social media

Connect with their employees and build relations

Show your interest in joining the company

Check their job openings

Ask their employees for reference
Get the relevant skills online

Create an authority in that skills

Post content related to that skills

Start a blog on that skill (if you can)

Share updates on that company
Connect with HR on social media

Email your resume to them

Be consistent because they will have an eyes on you. 

Be connected with employees and HR for job openings

Get the interview cracked 

and BOOM... you are in your dream company

Best part is.. you know your colleagues and work culture... ROCK ON

Your Personal Brand can get you anything you want...

If you are looking to grow your personal brand

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