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Part-Time Self Employment Ideas

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Part-time self employment ideas are a life saver for some people who are looking for some easy ways to earn some quick cash. This story gives you ideas about some part-time jobs to make that extra cash.
With millions of people losing their jobs and businesses due to economic recession, more and more people are opting for part-time self employment.

Having multiple sources of income can have a positive impact on your finances. An extra income of $800 or $1000 can help pay a heavy debt or even increase your investments.

Many people are not satisfied with the monthly income they earn, so thinking of some ideas for earning extra money is not a bad option.


Do you have the flair for cooking? Do you enjoy cooking at special occasions for your family and friends? Are you familiar with the latest appetizers and dessert recipes?
If your answer is yes, then this love and knowledge for food can get you loads of extra cash. Spread out word in your block that you are available to cater parties and special events and also specify your expertise in various cuisines.

Make Ad Support Websites or Blogs

This is a personal favorite and one of the best self employment ideas. Make websites about your favorite topics and put ads or paste links of some popular sites on your websites to earn some extra cash.
If you need help then log on two Google's Blogger and paste their AdSense ads on your blog to generate income.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the easiest self employment ideas. If you have a flair for writing or have good grammar knowledge, then give a thought to make writing a part-time career option.
To do this you may need a business license in some states. Check your state's rule for freelance writing and publishing documents and as a freelancer you can charge people and companies for writing articles and various business documents.

Home Business

Starting a small business in your home is also a great idea to earn some extra money.
I know many people who run their own day care center, operate a video store or a sound studio from their home. The biggest achievement in running a home business is you don't have to make an initial investment.

Use or Sell your Gift Cards

Recent reports claim that gift cards worth more than 1 billion dollars are going as a waste. So dig up your old gift cards and start using them or sell them at eBay.
My friend recently sold his Adidas gift card on eBay because the store had been closed down in his area. He sold the gift card for $35 on eBay.

Library Book Sale

Attend a library book sale especially on the last day when they are throwing away books for cheap rates. You can often buy a dozen books for $3 to $4.
Now resell these books online through Amazon Marketplace or eBay. You will earn good money as people are always on a hunt for cheap books to read.

Bake Sale

Do you make good cakes and yummy cookies? If yes, then why not bake some exciting and tasty baked goods and sell them on a weekend.
You can sell your baked goods at your own home, a community center or even a nursing home. One of the best self employment ideas, spread the word of your bake sale beforehand so that you don't end up with any left over food.

Clothing Sale

Another great self employment idea is a cloth sale. I always call it double benefit because a clothing sale is a good way of getting rid of those extra clothes and earn some extra cash.
Make sure all the clothes you put on sale are in good condition. Organize this sale in your lawn, parking lot or even in your school. Always organize a sale on weekends, so that maximum people can turn up and you get a chance to more money.

Dog Walks

Pet owners are always looking for reliable pet care services. Plus most dog and various pet owners have a very busy lifestyle with their job and various professional commitments.
Offer your help in taking their dogs for walk. Spread the word, inform at your local vet's clinic and leave flyers at the door of dog owners.


Those who speak and understand more than one language have a ready business idea in their hands. People can start off by translating documents over the Internet, phone or in person. It is advisable to concentrate on the area which you are comfortable with.
Apart from the given self employment ideas, there are also many ways of making money online. Have a look at this story on best ways to make money on the Internet. Just have a little will and confidence in yourself while applying these ideas. Good luck!