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Part-time Jobs With Benefits

Parashar Joshi
Here is some useful information on part-time jobs that provide a lot of benefits. Such jobs can be taken up by people of all ages and backgrounds.
Working part-time is an option that many people consider for a variety of reasons. Such jobs come with many benefits. College students look towards them as a way of paying their tuition fees, accommodation, and daily expenses, etc.
Working professionals look towards them as means of making some extra money. Newbie entrepreneurs or those involved in start-up ventures may also opt for one to maintain the cash inflow, till the time their business picks up.
Retired citizens or pensioners may take up an easy part-time job to supplement their monthly pension. Thus, it can be seen that the number of takers are many and of varying age groups, backgrounds, and profiles. Let us now have a look at a few options available.

Coffee Shops

Working in a coffee shop is a good option to consider when wanting to work part-time. Starbucks is such an option, and one that is explored by quite a few job seekers.
In addition to the regular salary or wages, additional benefits such as medical insurance, sick leave, family vacation leave, stock options, employee discounts, etc., are offered to employees who manage to put in more than 20-odd hours per week. A lively atmosphere and a healthy work environment makes this a good place to work in.

Government Organizations

Working part-time in the post office, in a public bank, library, state park, zoo, etc., could be a good option to consider for the ones interested in government-based jobs.
Benefits would include extended leaves, additional pay for working overtime, as well as most of the regular perks enjoyed by those working in government organizations.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is another very good option for those seeking part-time employment, shift-based jobs, as well as contract-based employment.
Administrative, desk, and hospital jobs are always there for the taking. All you need to do is keep a watch for the right openings, and grab hold of them when they come along. Needless to say, medical coverage, health insurance, etc., would be a common feature in most healthcare and medical jobs.

Delivery Companies

Courier and delivery companies like FedEx, DHL, and UPS are renowned for their attractive part-time jobs and associated benefits.
Life insurance, healthcare benefits, vacation leaves, bonuses, pension plans, and retirement packages are some of the common benefits offered by such companies. Also, people putting in more than the minimum number of required hours per week are normally entitled to additional bonuses and perks.

Retail Stores

Retail stores, department chains, etc., are also a great option. In quite a few of these places, you will find a majority of part-timers than full-time employees. These places offer their employees attractive discounts on store merchandise, in addition to all the regular benefits.
In addition to the aforementioned options, you can also consider banking jobs as well as working in universities and educational institutions. Find out what interests you, and choose your job option accordingly.