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Part-Time Jobs from Home

Neha Joshi
If you are sitting at home with no work to engage yourself, we have some ideas for part-time jobs from home that you can opt for. These part-time jobs for moms and students are the best options to earn some money and utilize your time properly...
If you are a housewife, a student, or pregnant, and want to opt for some part-time jobs from home, you've come to the right place for the best ideas. They don't require full-time dedication or any other time commitments. Though there are many ways to make money from home, these are some of the most lucrative ones.
Part-time jobs can be limited to a specific time during the day, as is the case in Customer Care jobs, where you are expected to be available during specific work hours. Similarly, some jobs would give you complete liberty with your work timings.
Think about all these details when you choose a part-time job for yourself. So, contemplate well, and zero in on a job that best suits your capabilities, and your interests too.

Best Part-Time Jobs from Home

Most of these jobs require no extensive training, and not much investment too. Age too, is no bar, as these jobs are suitable for everyone from teenagers to seniors.

Data Entry

Data entry is a huge industry, offering jobs to many people irrespective of their academic background. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection at home.
The jobs are as simple as completing forms, arranging surveys and filing data according to the required stipulations. This job can get monotonous in the long run, but with limited time being spent everyday, and with not much brain storming, this is surely an easy way to earn good money. As of today, this is regarded as an upcoming part-time job from home.

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon is another option, targeting mostly women. You can start a beauty salon in your house and work there only in the day time.
For the rest of the day, you can either keep it shut, or keep some assistants who will handle the salon in your absence. This salon can also be started in a partnership. This kind of work however, will require some knowledge of the sector, and a little prior experience too.
Some investment will also have to be done in the infrastructure, and in the maintenance. Since there might be a scope of stress, specially when the clients increase, it will do you good to shut it in the latter half of the day.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs again, are very common, and certainly quite lucrative among part-time jobs. They require no investment, and advertising too is optional.
Word of mouth publicity is enough, and at times more effective. Job satisfaction is good, as you are teaching different subjects to different age groups. Since there is so much of variety in the work, this job doesn't get monotonous after a while. For many years now, this has been one of the most common part-time jobs for moms.

Car Wash

If you are tired of all that job searching and filling of job applications, it's time you started something that doesn't require the fulfillment of all these procedures - for example, a car wash facility. This option is very famous with men, specially middle aged men.
Though this part-time job from home requires some investment, the money earned in return is equally good. You can start on your own and then hire other people to work for you. Later, once you have enough manpower, you can shift to some other part-time job from home too.


One of the most lucrative summer jobs, babysitting is the most common option among the youth. A lot of parents require babysitters from time to time, especially on weekends. If you are already working somewhere else, you can do this job for some extra income.
Put up a notice in your local library/newspaper, with your contact number. If you're taking up a data entry job, you can babysit alongside, and earn twice as much at the end of the day. If you want to dedicate all your time to babysitting, you can actually start a babysitting club with a few other friends.

Internet Jobs

Internet/online jobs are the most contemporary part-time jobs for students. You just need an Internet service, which most students already have, and some basic knowledge of computers. There is a lot of variety in what you can do on the Internet.
Right from marketing to software development, everything can be done sitting at home. Surveys are another lucrative option here, which are extremely remunerative. Providing software solutions while freelancing is another alternative, if you have the academic requirements.

Customer Care

Many companies have job openings in customer care, a job profile that lets you work from home at times. All you have to do is handle the customer calls from home, instead of the office. There is a possibility that you might have to go through an initial training.
This is a part-time job from home without investment, which means you don't really have to think much about starting off immediately. The payments in this sector are said to be one of the best, and even freshmen can apply for these jobs. You will get a listing of these jobs on the Internet.

Art Handicrafts

There is always a great demand for good art, and we know that for a fact, don't we?
If you think you have that creative edge, start making handicrafts and put them up for sale at local shops. Don't know how to make them? - Take help from the Internet! Learn new patterns, experiment with a few on your own, and make an entire collection.
Gradually, see what sells most, and make more of that. All of us like to have lovely pieces of art in our homes without spending a great deal on them, don't we? Target the demand with low costs, and you will have some great money coming in.

Cooking/Dance Workshops

If you are good in the kitchen and know how to cook a few cuisines differently, you can start cooking workshops of your own.
You can keep these workshops only on the weekends, and do some other work/job at home during the rest of the week. This will give you some change in what you do, and again, there isn't much investment needed. This is a good option for homemakers who are bored at home, and want some work. Dance and music workshops are other options with similar requirements.

Blogs and Content

Blogs are in demand today, like never before. People are writing about everything, from what they experience in their day-to-day lives, to information that might be needed by the world at large.
Companies pay people to write on, or about, their websites. If you are good at writing, you can think seriously about this option. Providing content for websites is a similar job which you can take up. Increase your job search and you'll find a number of companies looking for writers all over the world.
Before selecting any one of these part-time jobs from home, check the salary ranges for those jobs. This will help you to understand whether this job is really going to prove lucrative for you. These jobs from home don't only give you some free time, but also let you spend time with your family.