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Part-time Jobs For 15 and 16 Year Olds

Debopriya Bose
Part-time jobs are a great way for teenagers to earn some extra money, as well as inculcate a few valuable skills in themselves. An average human enters his/her professional life roughly around 21 years of age. By 21, most of us have decided what we want to do in life and how we're going to achieve our goals. In the competitive world we live in, it's important to be ahead of everyone else.
It is important that you learn as many skills as possible before you start pursuing what you really want. These skills can be acquired either through various courses or by taking up a job.

Teenagers attend school/college and have limited spare time which makes it difficult to work full-time. Part-time jobs however, can be taken up immediately.
These jobs teach you responsibility, customer interaction, multitasking; basically they help you develop a few skills which turn out to be 'prior experience' when you apply for a job in the future.

Disclaimer: Before taking up any job, read through employment laws that govern your state. Ensure that you are legally allowed to work.

Top 10 Part-time Jobs for 15 and 16-year Olds

A job as a waiter or waitress is a good option for a 16 year old for many reasons. People visit restaurants not only to have good food, but also to relax and have a good time.
Dealing with different types of customers, learning different cuisines, discovering culinary particulars will add to your skills. Financially, the earnings accrued from tips could be a handsome addition to your regular wage. This job aims at polishing your communication etiquette.
Always loved reading? Well, then working at a library or a bookstore is one of the best part-time jobs for you. If the library isn't very big, you will have a lot of spare time which you can put to use in several ways.
You can read as much as you want, finish your homework, and learn about bookkeeping, all at the same time. Finishing homework at the job will also give you free time once your work hours are over. Trust me, there is no greater joy than doing what you love and getting paid for it.
Part-time internet jobs range from taking surveys to generating various types of content. Companies usually have a simple verification process you need to complete before you start working for them.
After this is done, you can start taking projects immediately. Read the payment terms carefully while taking up one of these and verify the website. Understand the nature of the job before taking up a project.
Working in a retail store is a great option as it will give you hands-on experience to work in the retail sector, be it pharmacy or clothing. For most teens, it is these stores that serve as an introduction to the world of jobs.
A 16-year old could also work as a clerk or cashier at these stores. The requirement at these stores is maximum during peak hours and on weekends. You get to learn one of the most important things in your professional life: working on holidays and getting used to it.
Babysitting is one of the most common jobs available to teenagers. Though easily available, you'd want to think twice before working as a babysitter. Ask yourself a few questions.
How is this job going to help you in your life? What professional skills will you acquire? Are there any other benefits in taking up this job? If you conclude that somehow this job is going to 'add value' to your resume, take it up. The pay is certainly good and so are the work hours.
Window cleaning is a great part-time job. However, your age restricts you in some areas. For example, window cleaners are usually required for taller buildings, a job that has its own risks and requires training.
You could however, get in touch with shop owners that have just one-story areas or contact agencies that deal with window cleaning. They might outsource work that is safe and suitable otherwise. Usually this job requires you to be free in daylight hours.
Pet sitting is similar to babysitting but requires a different set of skills. You are required to take care of other people's pets in their absence. If you're fond of animals, this part-time job can be an excellent way to earn some money.
You need to watch, feed and take care of pets among other duties the owners might tell you to perform. It is important you know a few things about pet behavior, to diagnose problems that concern the health of these pets.
Since you are 15 or 16, you can tutor a younger student. The pay for a tutor is great; gets better with the number of subjects you teach.
If you yourself plan on studying a particular subject in future, say literature, you can teach just that. This will really add great value to your resume. Also, you can keep polishing your knowledge in the process.
A great job for teenagers to earn some extra cash is that of delivering newspapers in and around the neighborhood. You need to contact your local newspaper distribution center to check if there are any openings available.
Teens can deliver newspapers in the morning and then go for their regular classes. This is a great job specially if you have just 2 hours or so of your time to dedicate to a job.
Interested in studying gardening or landscaping in the future? This part-time job can really help you learn a lot if you are. Help nurseries maintain their plants and attend to their clients as well.
Assist your neighbors in weeding, watering and maintaining their shrubs and bushes. There is really a lot you can do with this opportunity. Basically, you'll be studying what you want, before time and also earn at the same time. Couldn't get any better, could it?
The value of a job is understood only when you have one. A job gives you financial freedom and teaches you how to handle independence with responsibility. Choose a job that you like and don't focus on just the pay. Best of Luck!