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Part-time Jobs for Teenagers

Stephen Rampur
Seasonal jobs are surely the best part-time jobs for teenagers who want to earn some good cash...
Teenagers generally do have a lot of time in which they do nothing. They can utilize this time to earn some amount of cash, apart from the allowance given by parents.
Part-time jobs make teens understand the value of money, give them exposure to the basics of doing any job, and also earn some money. Good part-time jobs for teens are mostly available during school holiday seasons.

Fast-food Restaurant or Coffee Shop

Working as a server in fast food restaurants or coffee shops is probably the most popular option for teens to start earning money. Along with the pay from the eatery, tips from satisfied customers also contribute to your earnings. Though these restaurant jobs require a lot of hard work, you'll certainly get to earn money in a comfortable working environment.

Clerk or Cashier in a Store

Another option for teenagers and students is to work as a clerk or cashier in a retail store. This is also a favorable place to work for teenagers. 
Your main job will be to keep a record of the inventory, handle customers coming in, and help them in the buy. You can work either in a small shop or a big departmental store. This retail job is effective in improving your communication and interpersonal skills.

Lawn or Yard Care

This job of lawn and garden care requires a lot of physical work and is not recommended for teens who are weak.
A group of teenagers can check out in the locality if any house needs lawn cleaning and care, and provide work for a certain fee. In summer, you can rake leaves; whereas in winter, you can shovel snow. There are many other seasonal student jobs that you can work in.

Errand Running

Nowadays, working professionals do not find time to transport things to other places, stand in queues for availing some service, or simply paying bills or buying groceries. You can offer services that would do these tasks for them.
You can do a good business by providing such services, since customers would not mind paying you for getting their things done. This is truly one of the best jobs for teenagers.

Car Washing

Car washing is one of the most popular jobs suitable for teenagers.
First, you will have to get the basic tools and equipment, and understand how to use them. The chances of you earning a decent amount are high if you provide quality services at a price lower than local car washing facilities. Besides, this is an all-season job, but more in demand in the rainy season.

Pet Care

In order to work in this job, you most importantly need to have a liking to take care of animals.
Most people would be ready to pay you for taking care of their pets when they are working or are out of town. This job involves pet feeding, bathing, grooming, and walking pets. Note that you should have real patience while taking care of pets.


This is one of the most suitable jobs for teenagers and younger students. If you have a bike, you can work as a paper delivery boy. You have to go to the paper printing facility to get the daily stock and ride on specified routes, delivering papers to subscribers. This job is a good way for routine workout and earning money at the same time for teenagers.
These jobs are very beneficial for teens to develop their interpersonal skills and get an idea of the real job market. When it comes to searching for such jobs, it is suggested to choose a job that is associated with their hobby or area of interest.