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Part-time Jobs for College Students

Charlie S
Part-time jobs can help students earn some money for their educational and day-to day expenses and also provide them with some useful on-the-job experience. Here are the reviews of some best part-time jobs for college students.
As college education keeps getting expensive, students are looking at different avenues to earn money in order to provide for their living expenses, if not their tuition fees. Being students, they can't really find time to put in an entire day at work. Part-time work suits them perfectly, providing them with some experience, along with some hard-needed cash.
Part-time job opportunities could be many, but if you happen to chance on a job that lets you pursue your interests, consider yourself lucky. Conventionally, students have often found employment at malls as store staff members, as ushers at theaters, and of course at restaurants, since they offer the flexibility that students usually look for.
A suitable job would also need to be in vicinity of their university, and ideally, should not make excessive demands on their time. It may seem perfect for many, there are other options that are more lucrative and satisfying. What's more, nothing could be better if they happen to be related to their field of study or recreation. Here are a few options :

Research/Teaching Assistant

Graduate students can always talk to their department heads for any openings at the junior level at the beginning of the term to learn about any opportunities available.
In some cases, you are also allowed to apply for an R.A./T.A. position along with your college application. It is an excellent way to stick to your field of study and earn while you're at it. You need to possess a good academic background and be willing to put in efforts, as these positions are only offered to a select few.

Content Writer

If you have the knack to impress people with your writing skills, you can find yourself a content writer's job online. These web portals sometimes let you work from home, so you end up saving on the commute.
You may get to write on a host of subjects, or could be asked to specialize in an area. Again, it may not pay you a lot, but you'd get to hone your writing skills, and you'd be putting your spare time to good use.


If you think you excel at something, be it sports, workouts, academics, music, or art, put it to good use by offering to take classes. This works to your advantage in two ways - one, you get to pursue your hobby.
Second, your hobby fetches you some dough at the end of the month. It would be hard to find a neater deal in college life.


Nursing homes or homes for the aged sometimes need staffers to help out with their chores. If you are the sort who have the inclination to offer help to the needy, take a step in that direction by working here.
It could count as time well spent, and you'd end up giving something back to your community.

Library/Laboratory Assistant

Again, a good opportunity to work on campus. If you happen to be a book lover, you can apply to your college library for an assistant's post. You'd be asked to help with keeping records and archiving, or maintaining the reception.
Similarly, you could look out for employment at your college laboratory as well. The work is not too hectic, and you can always get some quiet time on the side to study.

Regular Jobs

As a student, you always need to be on the lookout for a job opportunity. Students are regularly offered employment as babysitters, junior staff, receptionists, technical support workers, store clerks, interns at establishments, painters; the list is exhaustive.
While the jobs mentioned above may not be as easy to seek, this section includes a list of jobs that are perennially open to students.
It would certainly be wonderful to get a paid internship in an established firm that relates to your field of study in some manner. Getting an opportunity like this may be a dream come true from your career's point of view.
However, it does not make sense to while away your time as you wait for a golden chance to walk your way. Make good use of your spare time to earn some cash on the side, it is sure to help you in the long run.