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Parole Officer Jobs

Stephen Rampur
A parole officer ensures that parolees carry out the term properly and do not commit any other crime. This story on parole officer jobs will let you know more about the job description and salary of these officers...
Out of the many different jobs in criminal justice systems in the United States, the job of parole officers is one of the most challenging. Probation and parole officer jobs are one and the same to an extent, with a small notable difference.
A major task for these officers is to keep an eye on people who have just been released from prison and are on parole period. On the other hand, probation officers oversee the activities of those who have been declared for undergoing probation term and not prison.
There are even correctional treatment specialists who counsel, guide, and prepare rehabilitation plans for those who are not on parole. Another type of job in the criminal justice systems is that of correctional officers who are responsible for keeping law and order in prisons and detention centers.

Parole Officer Jobs

You won't generally find these jobs at a federal level; but in city, county, and state administration. State and local governments carry out most of the parole officer employment opportunities in the US.
Before you apply for any job openings, you need to check out the requirements in your respective state or city department. Due to the exclusion of parole from federal systems in 1984, there are no or very less jobs available at the federal level.
Though job prospects are projected to be high in the coming years, it is believed that the demand for these career opportunities largely depend on government funding to this field.


Both education and work experience play a very crucial role when it comes to entering this field. Most employers require a bachelor degree in areas such as social work, criminal justice, or other relevant fields, for those with relevant work experience.
However, other class of employers may even require you to have a masters in the above mentioned fields, in case you do not have work experience.
A majority of probation officers may be required to complete assignments as trainees before they step into permanent positions.
Apart from education, a prospective probation officer necessarily needs to hold a valid driver's license and get through oral, written, psychological, and physical tests. Other mandatory requirements include the applicant being above 21 years of age for state and city level jobs; a good listener, communicator, and patient; and not convicted of felony.

Salary Range

As in any other career, the salary range for job as parole officers differ from city of employment, education, work experience, and similar other factors.
Inexperienced professionals or those with less than a year's experience can expect a per annum pay ranging from $29,500 to $35,000. Professionals with one to four years of experience, can expect a pay scale ranging from $31,000 to $39,000 yearly.
Those with five to nine years of work in the field can demand anywhere from $40,000 to $67,000 annually. In Texas, the pay range for probation officers ranges from $30,000 to $36,500 per annum; whereas in New York state the pay ranges from $39,000 to $67,000.
The per annum median salary for these criminal justice experts is reported to be around $50,000. Authorities in urban areas may offer more salary than those in rural areas.
This was a general insight on parole officer jobs and salary. If you are looking for detailed specific information regarding any aspect of this career, you need to visit your state's employment board and website postings.