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Paid Internships for High School Students

Charlie S
Paid internships can help high school students to launch their career in their chosen fields successfully. Read on to know about their benefits, and the different options available that you can apply for.
The concept of paid summer internships is well accepted in colleges and universities these days. The number of advantages that they bring with them has increased their popularity especially among the high school students.
In these programs, the students work for few hours in the sector, in which they are interested, and plan to take up further studies; this work is done once the college hours are over. Many times, colleges have collaborations or tie-ups with some reputed companies, in which the students can work as interns.
The duration of such programs can be of few months to few years, depending on the need of the company employing you. You will be paid as per your working hours, the kind of work you are hired for, and the pay policy of the company.

Why are These Programs Useful?

Paid internships can help students understand the work culture of the organization for which they work. These programs can provide them with hands-on experience, and the chance to learn the concepts studied in the books, practically.
They get to interact with experienced people in their respective fields, and this helps them to increase the depth of their knowledge. They can get their doubts cleared, and this will ultimately reflect in their examination scores, too.
These programs can also help students to be financially self-sufficient, and pay off their tuition and coaching fees to some extent. Many soft skills such as effective communication and public speaking are developed during the course of such programs.
The certificate earned from the company, after successful completion of this program, can help the high school students to secure jobs in good companies once they are done with their graduation. This experience will be accepted by most of the companies, which eventually will benefit the students.

How to Get Internships?

  • You should prepare a proper resume, which will contain information regarding your past educational qualifications, and what you are studying currently.
  • You will need to state the purpose of applying for it, and explain how you can deliver a good performance at your workplace.
  • State how the program will benefit you.
  • Also, mention your special qualifications and interests to create a good impression.
However, deciding which organization to approach to serve the underlying purpose is also an important factor. For this, you should consult your school teachers or counselors, as they can guide you in the best way in this regard.
Ideally, you should approach a company, which is in the business related to your field of study. For example, a student studying finance can approach a stock-broking firm; the one studying hotel management can benefit by getting an internship in a restaurant or a hotel. If you are studying law, then approaching a law firm will be the obvious choice.
You can also apply for such programs abroad, if you have keen interest in a particular sector, and want to pursue a career in it (for example, oil and gas sector). As far as salary is concerned, you should be satisfied with whatever you get, as you will be able to command a good salary later on, once you gain sufficient work experience.