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Paid Internships for College Students

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College life is a phase of transition, when every person evolves from a child to an adult. Paid internships can prove helpful in providing college students with valuable exposure to corporate life. The basic intention is to provide practical knowledge and experience.
The concept of internship is simple and straightforward: college students work in the positions of interns and apprentices, for a specified time period after their college timings. In some professions such as the medical field, designing field, field of law, and accountancy field, internships are mandatory.
On an average, paid internships are considered to be a 'hands-on-experience' chapter in the student's educational curriculum. There are several college courses that are quite challenging in nature, and hence, it is almost impossible for students to undertake such programs. In such a situation, they tend to go for paid summer internships.


Though some people might argue that an internship becomes stressful, many psychologists have proved that in a pleasant and unrestricted environment, they are stress relievers and give students an excellent opportunity to get some practical experience.

Practical Experience

It teaches a lot while working as an intern, and the student has an excellent opportunity to observe the things that he only knows in theory. Such experiences also tend to clear off many different queries of the student. He also gets to know the working of many things related to his field.

Soft Skills

The second most important parameter, is the automatic development of soft skills which includes oral and written communication. These skills often get perfected and well polished when a student works as an intern. When he graduates, his experience and well-developed soft skills prove to be a positive edge during a job interview.


It is in human nature, to share and give away accumulated knowledge and experience to young persons. The best aspect of such programs is the knowledge that has been imparted by a mentor.

Sense of Satisfaction

Another very important aspect is that the intern gets an immense satisfaction from working. During their youth, every person is filled with energy and restlessness. A hard day's work and study proves to be beneficial, as it diverts this immense vigor into something productive. This productive utilization of time proves to be a great profit to the student.

Value of Money and Efforts

Paid internships are an advantage, as students realize the value of money and also efforts. It also imparts good awareness, as the student gets a first hand experience about the career, which he wants to choose.
Government internships for college students are slowly gaining importance, as they have started recruiting students who are interested in civil service careers.
Paid internships for college graduates have also started gaining widespread popularity, as many postgraduates often prefer to work. Many companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple recruit interns on a regular basis, in order to give students ample opportunity to experience their working.