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Information about Paid Internships for College Graduates

Rahul Thadani
Paid internship is the first step for the college students looking forward to build a career. Apart from on the job training, a paid internship provides a working insight of company's operations and departmental exposure which increase a chance of getting hired full-time with the same company.
The kind of internships that you can get into are vast and varied, and also they are a tried and tested way of getting excellent exposure, experience and a good insight into the working of a business organization.
College students can enhance their employability options by getting into paid internships, and this opens up the door to a large number of avenues through career networking.
The primary doubt that many students have is about the viability and the feasibility of paid summer internships for college graduates, and about the long term benefits of working part-time. An Internship is a first step that an individual takes, once they have decided to opt for a particular career choice.
It provides one with excellent on the job training and explains the working of a particular industry to an interested individual, by making him perform entry-level tasks in a company. The length of paid internships for college students can range from a couple of months in the summer to an entire year.
The main benefit of an internship is that if the company is satisfied with the progress and career development of an individual, they retain the person in the company for full-time employment.
It is because the intern has spent a considerable amount of time in the company and has understood the working procedures, its work culture, and the nature of business of the organization, it saves the company the time and money that would spent in training a new employee from scratch.
A good internship can provide one with an excellent future career opportunity in an organization of choice, and would also serve as a major plus point on the resume of that person.

Applying for an Internship

Applying for internships is different from applying for a full-time working post in an organization. You will need to convince the employers that this is an industry you are interested in. Since you have no prior experience in the particular field, the internship can help you get started.
In most cases, an internship will be the stepping stone in the career of a person, as this is the only kind of job they can get without any prior experience. The employer needs to be convinced of your willingness to learn on the job, and the amount of time that you can give to the internship.
By making it clear that you will be open to full-time employment in the future, you are giving the employer an impression, that they have a potential employee on their books.

Popular Choices for College Internships

Each of these companies offer a very open minded and enjoyable learning experience that can benefit a student in the long run.
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Sun
  • Nike
  • Pixar
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Genentech
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Edward Jones
These are some of the most popular choices of recent college graduates, and each of them provides a great learning experience and also makes the job fun along the way.
The whole point of these internships is to introduce the individual to all the departments that are involved in the working of a business, and to help him decide which department would suit him the best.
For college students, it is difficult to receive good career education without receiving some specialized mentoring and guidance, and what better way to get this exposure than on the job training, that can only be achieved through internships in the very best companies.

Locating Internships

Finding the right kind of internship is a challenge that many college graduates face, as there are so many options available. One important thing is to look for an internship in an industry that greatly interests you, and that you know, you will enjoy being a part of.
No matter how far fetched or idealistic it may seem, remember that every company is in need of quality manpower, and if you have the right blend of passion and the willingness to learn and implement, you will be an attractive proposition for every employer.
Use the Internet to locate the best paid internship. Once you have a list of available options, make the best decision possible.
Contemplate on these points, and only after you become very sure of your choice, zero in on one. Government internships are also a very popular choice for graduates, interested in carving a career in the political arena or getting some Government jobs in general.
Thus, an internship is a stepping stone to new avenues and horizons for you and you must take them seriously. Even if you are not interested in a career in that particular industry, paid internships give you a good option to make some quick money in the form of stipends. Either way, this is a win-win situation for an individual and for the employer as well.