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Orthodontist Job Description

Kundan Pandey
If you're interested in dentistry, you can consider the option of being an orthodontist. In the recent years, the demand of dentists has increased significantly. It is also a rewarding career choice for those interested in it.
Among the various branches in the field of dentistry, the orthodontist's job is a profession in which the orthodontists specialize in working for treating the disorders related to shape and alignment of the tooth. In the recent years, there has been a sharp rise in issues related to dental health and medical advances in dentistry have further bulldozed the career opportunities in this field. The job of an orthodontist entails a wide range of job responsibilities.

Job Description of an Orthodontist

Orthodontists specialize in the field of studying and treatment of malocclusions that is more commonly known as improper bites. These impairments result due to tooth irregularity and improper ratio of the jaws. Orthodontists also improve the general appearance of patient's face in case of tooth abnormalities and misalignment.
They also study X-rays and dental photographs of front and lateral part of the patients' tooth. Educating patients about methods of teeth cleaning and other measures to ensure the longevity and health of tooth, forms another crucial aspect of the orthodontist's profession.

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

In all the states of the US, educational qualifications and licenses are of utmost importance to practice as professional orthodontists. All orthodontists are required to have completed 2 to 3 years of undergraduate education, must have completed 4 years of dental college.
Along with that 2 - 3 years of orthodontist training at registered dental clinics is absolutely important to get a license from authorized bodies. Passing exams of authorized bodies like the National Board Dental Examinations and American Board of Orthodontics is essential to get certifications and licenses for professional practices.

Orthodontist Duties

The orthodontist responsibilities and duties may include some or all the following work activities mentioned further:
  • Carefully carry out the fixing of dental appliances in mouth and align them properly with respect to the teeth, jaws and mouth.
  • Study and interpret medical records of patients treatment procedures with respect to the teeth, molar plasters, dental implants and patients face to chalk out an adequate plan for teeth treatment
  • Diagnosis of teeth and jaw related dental complications
  • Assist the patient in taking proper dental care. Help him adjust dental appliances in case of misalignment.
  • Guide, instruct and supervise dental hospital staff during dental processes and orthodontic treatments.
  • Design and suggest improvement in the fabricating appliances such as space maintainers, lingual arch wires, orthodontic braces and other orthodontic appliances.

Average Salary of an Orthodontist

In the initial years, the earning potential orthodontists is relatively higher than the starting salary ranges for jobs in other fields. In the first year of working, the orthodontist earn an average salary of US$ 72,000 annually.
Orthodontists having work experience of one to four years earn between US$ 72,000 to US$ 142,000 per year. Once settled in this field, the orthodontists have the ability to earn near about US$ 240,000 per year!
The career development path for orthodontists is bright and after having worked for considerable years, one can establish his/her independent clinic. Deftness in hands and an eye for details are some of the most important traits of a successful orthodontists. Medical students aspiring a career in dentistry can think of orthodontics as a very good option to pursue a career.
The orthodontist job description and its various facets mentioned here are a testimony to the fact that the decision to choose a career must be taken after assessing one's interest, aptitudes and in consultation with the parents and teachers.