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Oral Surgeon Salary

The decent pay package coupled with good growth opportunities makes the career of an oral surgeon extremely rewarding one. Read ahead to know more...
Kundan Pandey
Medical jobs in the US are known for offering very competitive salaries, testament to it is the pay scale of oral surgeons. The field of dentistry, though seemingly a subset of medicine offers many medical jobs and career opportunities.
This field has grown drastically owing to the large number of dental problems in the US. Oral surgeons are medical experts who are not dentists, but their tasks include the broader field of dentistry. Confused? Well, let's discuss an oral surgeon's job description.

Job Description

Oral surgeons are professionals who work in tandem with doctors like orthodontists, other surgeons and dentists to treat the problems related to the mouth and jaws of the patients. Some of the work activities are -
  • Consulting the patient about their oral health.
  • Discussing treatment methods and explaining it to the patients. Addressing their queries.
  • Taking effective patient care, and helping them to coordinate with other doctors.

Educational Requirements

The path to become an oral surgeon starts right from college. Academic subjects like chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics are essential for the candidates. Many aspirants applying to the dental schools have a 4 year bachelor's degree.
During the study period, necessary skills will be imparted to the trainees to handle patients and various supervisory activity. To become a certified oral surgeon and obtain licenses, the candidates need to pass a written and oral exam conducted by the governing authorities of this field.

Surgeon Salary

Years of study and hard work put in by students is often expected to be reciprocated by perks like job satisfaction and decent salaries. Candidates pursuing a career as an oral surgeon will be happy to know that the salary range is relatively good, and there are ample amount of opportunities to grow and excel in this profession.
The salary of an oral surgeon can be as high as USD 400,000 per year. The median salary is around USD 215,000. Those working in dentist offices earn around USD 263,000, while those working in physician offices make about USD 205,000. Oral surgeons working in outpatient care centers and hospitals draw a salary around USD 87,000 and USD 93,000 respectively.
The career development path is brilliant and the employment outlook in the recent years has grown significantly. Anybody willing to make a career in the medical field, especially related to dentistry, can think of becoming an oral surgeon.
Good personal skills and multitasking abilities are some important attributes that are required in this profession. So, if you've interest in this field, then do pursue it! All the best!