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Information About Online Tutoring Jobs

Parashar Joshi
Online tutoring is an option that you can consider, if you want to make good use of your teaching skills. It gives you flexibility at work, and if you have the required setup, you can even work from home.
Online tutoring is fast becoming one of the most preferred options for many people in the teaching fraternity.
The availability of variety of jobs in this arena has made it possible not only for professional teachers and lecturers, but also for homemakers and students to get into this profession. The nature of job is such that, all it takes for a person is a good amount of expertise in a subject of one's choice, and of course, a computer and an Internet connection.

What Are These Jobs?

Online tutoring is nothing but normal tutoring or teaching except that the entire process happens over the Internet. At any given time, you could be teaching either a single student or even a batch of thousand students simultaneously.
Also, they could be from different parts of the world. You could have one student living across your house, another in Australia, a third in Africa, a fourth in Japan, etc. Also, contrary to what many people believe, it is not limited to only Math and English.
These jobs are available in a large number of areas and domains including technology, writing, foreign languages, special skills, music, academics, arts and crafts, and many more. Let us have a look at how you can become an online tutor.

How Do I Begin?

As mentioned earlier, in order to become an online tutor, it is not mandatory to have a formal degree, or a certificate course in teaching. For example, a college going person with 5 years of work experience in animation, can easily teach in his particular field of expertise.
Of course, having prior teaching experience is always a plus, and will surely add weight to your profile. You should start by researching on the Internet. Get in touch with agencies and companies that work in this field and approach them with your resume.

What Is The Pay?

Generally, you are paid on hourly basis. Depending on what subject you teach and how qualified and experienced you are, the per hour rates could be anything between $15 to $20.
The work hours are usually flexible and are generally worked out through mutual discussion between the company, the tutor, and sometimes the students. A major benefit of taking up this job is that, you can work with multiple companies and agencies simultaneously.
So, if you're a multi-skilled person having expertise in French language, guitar playing and Chinese cuisine, then you could very well be in a situation wherein, you're teaching all these subjects. It could be a nice way of multitasking and could also fetch you more money.
The Internet is a pool of opportunities, and if you have time, liking, and a strong resolve, you can take this job as a full-time career.