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Online Jobs for 16-year Olds

Charlie S
As a 16-year-old, one can take up a job that can earn them some much-needed extra income to meet their educational expenses with ease. Here are some options that one can consider.
The fast rising cost of education in almost all parts of the world is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the finances of teenagers. Securing admissions for professional courses such as engineering, medicine, or management can cost one a lot of money. So, if teenagers do some part-time job to earn money, that will certainly help reduce at least some of the financial burden on their parents.
Though there are many sources to learn more about these jobs, give a thought to the following options if you wish to make sweet money.

Online Jobs for Teenagers

Data Entry

This work involves typing data from the hard copy into a software provided for the same purpose. It tests how accurate and fast your typing is. In order to earn money, you need to complete a set of work assigned to you in time and without errors.

Content Writing

In this job, you have to use your own imagination and knowledge to produce quality content. In most cases, your employer will be providing some topics on which you are supposed to write long essays.
The topics can be related to categories such as sports, lifestyle, fashion, business, technology, etc. The challenge is to write to the point and in such a way that it impresses the reader to return to your site again. You also have to make sure that you are not copying content from any other source.


Programming a software can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for a youngster. You need to have good technical skills and thorough knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, and Java, which is why the number of teenagers doing such jobs are very less.
However, there are schools that offer basic to advanced courses in specific programming languages. Also, one can get more knowledge by learning while on the job.

Paid Survey

This type of work is being offered on a large scale these days and does not require much skill or experience; therefore, it is an ideal job for those just out of high school.
Most companies conduct surveys for various purposes and are on the lookout for workers who can complete them. They are paid a fixed rate per survey done. Also, this job offers a very high flexibility, as it can be done as per the convenience of the worker.

Online Tutoring

This job will require you to set some things up. Making presentations will be possible with the help of a webcam and some basic software.
Once you have arranged these aspects, you can share your knowledge and skills, and clients will, in turn, pay you for your contributions through tutoring. You can also consider teaching a kid of another state to improve his/her grades in any subject you are strong at.


A majority of teenagers love playing video games, and there are many online portals that offer the latest ones for free.
In fact, there are some websites that may pay you for playing games; the better you perform, higher are the chances of earning more money. The earnings may not be significant, but sufficient enough for a youngster who wants to have fun with some work at the same time.

Making online games

As a teen, you may be playing a lot of online games. Have you ever thought of turning your interest into making a game? Give it a shot, and see the number of online jobs that come your way.

Product Reviewing

This is another good source of money on the Internet. It is similar to content writing wherein you are supposed to write positive reviews that would help online business owners to improve their sales and reputation.
There are several websites that offer different product and service reviews. Blogging is another good option that teenagers can consider; they can write blogs and earn money by putting ads for big brands (topic-related) on their web pages.
Finding legitimate jobs has become difficult as there are many companies, which simply do not pay the contractors for their work. So, you should preferably sign up with sites which have a proven track record of making payments on time.
Importantly, you should inquire whether you are legally allowed to take up paid work in your area as this rule differs from region to region. There are many countries that have set the minimum age for working as eighteen. However, you can always opt for jobs that don't have a considerable risk. Speak to your parents or a counselor in this regard. At the same time, teenagers should also remember that they must not let these jobs impact their studies.