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Online Instructor Jobs

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Online instructor jobs have become popular in the last few years, not only because you can do them sitting at your home, but also due to the growth of e-learning. Read on to know the kind of work you can search for, besides the qualifications you'd need.
Most of us prefer working from within the comforts of our homes, and with the growth of the Internet, that's very much possible. Today, online learning is feasible, which includes sitting at home with an Internet connection and teaching students far and wide.
The concept of virtual learning has gained momentum, and several colleges have started offering online classes.
So, you can apply for online instructor jobs, wherein you can teach students and impart the knowledge you have in a particular field. Such jobs are an excellent option for individuals who want to utilize their time and earn some extra money.

Related Jobs in Education

Education is one of the best fields to search for online work. There are several schools and colleges, which are looking for online instructors, so as to teach their students. However, to apply for such jobs, you need to be academically qualified. You need to have a Master's degree in a particular field.
Having this qualification is an advantage but doesn't guarantee the job. There may be several applicants like you, and so you may need to have some teaching experience along with a degree. There are several colleges, which mention that you must have passed at least 3 years before you are eligible to apply for such jobs, besides some experience in teaching.

Part-time Jobs

If you are looking for part-time work as an online instructor, then you are not alone. There are several people who are searching for such jobs, but the best part is that it's not only educational institutions that are looking for such applicants, but there are several corporations, which are hiring those who can do part-time jobs.
So, you can think of looking for such work, as well. But for that, you need to get an advanced degree, so that there is a better chance of getting a job. Say if you have completed your Master's in Zoology, then you can think of a doctorate in a related field.
If you have such an approach, it will make your chances of getting work easier, as you will have good knowledge of different fields, and you can teach in any field of your choice. And this may be exactly what corporations or educational institutions want.
With the increase of virtual learners, the demand for such professionals is increasing. But having said that, it's not very easy to find a suitable job; you need to stand out from your competitors to get one.
You need to remember that educational institutions and corporations are looking for the ones who can provide an enriching experience, and you need to market yourself in that way. Moreover, there are several online degree programs, so there is always a demand for these candidates.


Even though online courses to teach a particular subject are comparatively new, they are gaining popularity with each passing year. There are several fields in which these courses are available today. Most of the employment opportunities for such instructors can be found in online universities, and most of the learners are adults.
It's not that traditional schools and colleges are not into e-learning; they are, and they have incorporated distance learning courses and programs. Moreover, there are some colleges, wherein such courses are offered and are designed specifically for military personnel.
There is an increasing demand for high-quality elementary and high school education, and this has been cashed on by schools by creating online education programs.
This is the reason why these professionals are in high demand. Companies also recruit them, in order to train the employees through seminars; these are held to improve their skills, which in turn lead to better productivity.
Thus, all in all, there are several online instructor jobs available, which you can consider. But, while searching for such jobs, make sure that you have the required qualifications and experience. Besides, you'll need to market your skills, in order to attain competitive advantage over others.