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An Overview of Online Data Entry Jobs

Read on to know all about online data entry jobs...
Charlie S
These days, many people are searching for online work to earn some extra income. It can provide them with a better lifestyle, with more cash in hand. Many such home-based jobs without any investment are being advertised all across the web. But, it has been found that their legitimacy is a big concern. Let us look at some of their advantages.


These jobs provide an opportunity to work from the comfort of one's home. And the best part is that they require zero to very less capital. You can choose your work hours as per your convenience, and earn money based on your speed and capability.
There might be very few jobs which would be as easy for working professionals. If you have registered with a reputed website, then you will receive timely payments and even bonuses for excellent performance.


The basic requirement is to have a computer with an Internet connection and a readiness to work sincerely to complete the assigned task. A good typing speed is a must have (at least 40 words per minute). You may need to give the keystrokes per hour (KPH) test which will evaluate your typing for speed and accuracy.
A good command over the English language is also a must, as it is expected that you commit no grammatical mistakes while typing. Though no fixed educational qualifications are required, at least a high school diploma is recommended to find good work. Besides, you need to have the qualities of patience, hard work, and discipline.

Types of Jobs

Typing work is the most widely offered job in the home-based business category. Typically, a person is provided a hard copy of the material to be typed onto a software, and given a deadline by which the work needs to be submitted.
Replying to online surveys is another major avenue of work available online. Medical transcription and word processing are some other job types which you can sign up for.

Ensuring Legitimacy

Though many such jobs are being advertised, the sad truth is that very few of them are actually legitimate. Distinguishing between the genuine and fake providers is indeed a very tough task. To date, many people have fallen prey to false assurances of earning money in a short period, by many companies.
So, it is advisable to sign up with only the established and well-recognized websites. You should search the web and find out the reputation of your employer. You should make sure that the advertiser has a good payment track record.
In most countries, such jobs can be done by all adults having completed eighteen years of age. However, it is advisable to check your local employment laws before taking up any such work.