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Online Accelerated Nursing Programs

The online accelerated nursing programs are ideal for individuals who have a Bachelor's degree in any field of study and want to earn a degree in nursing.
Chandramita Bora
Accelerated nursing programs are programs that enable one to get a degree in nursing to enter the medical field in a much shorter time as compared to traditional nursing schools. These programs aim to produce more nurses at a quicker pace to meet the rising demand for nurses in the medical sector.
These programs have been designed by keeping in view the shortage of nurses that has affected the health care industry in the past few years. These programs have become quite popular, and the number of schools that offer such programs have also increased significantly.
Many such nursing schools also offer online nursing programs which help you get a nursing degree through distance education.

Accelerated Nursing Programs

These programs are designed to train people for the medical industry within a short period of time. These programs are ideal for people who already have a Bachelor's degree in any area of study. This means that an individual is not required to have a Bachelor's degree in medical field to qualify for the accelerated nursing programs.
Nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) can also opt for these programs to earn a Bachelor or Master's degree. This can greatly enhance their career opportunities and pay scale. Those who are already registered nurses (RN), and have a Bachelor's degree in another field can also opt for these programs.
Apart from having a Bachelor's degree, one should have a high grade point average to get admission in these nursing programs. Usually, a grade point average between 3.0 to 4.0 is a prerequisite for getting admission. A prescreening process is also there, which can be quite challenging for the candidates.
The online accelerated nursing programs are not to be confused with the online nurse practitioner programs. Nurse practitioners are basically registered nurses (RN), who have advanced degrees in nursing, and also have training in the diagnosis and management of some common and complex medical conditions.
Nursing degrees offered by online nursing programs are - Master of Science Degree in nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice, BSN to MSN Bridge Programs, ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) to MSN Bridge Programs, and MSN - Family Nursing. Usually, one needs a baccalaureate or Bachelor's degree in nursing to get admission in the nurse practitioner programs.

Online Accelerated Nursing Degrees

The nursing degrees offered by these programs are - Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). These programs enable people to complete Bachelor's degree in 12 to 18 months, which usually takes about 4 years in traditional nursing schools. Both Bachelor's and Maser's degree can be completed in 3 years via these programs.
As both courses can be completed in a much shorter time as compared to traditional schools, one can save a lot of time and enter the workforce quickly. These online programs mainly focus on nursing-related courses and health care topics, but can also include some of the traditional Bachelor courses.
The main advantage of these programs is that they allow people to complete a degree in nursing in a short period of time, and pursue a career in the medical field. The online nursing programs are quite flexible. These programs are ideal for those who cannot attend classes, or need to study from home.
After completing a degree in nursing, one can find jobs in hospitals, health clinics, and community agencies. Due to the short duration of nursing programs, they can be quite rigorous. So, one has to be very consistent and dedicated. Considering the course structure, working students are usually not admitted in these programs.