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Office Manager Duties

Gaurav Shimpi

An office manager plays a key role in running a successful business. Read more for a brief idea about the duties and responsibilities of an office manager.
An office manager handles a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of an office. The person should be equipped with good communication skills and leadership qualities. As the work encompasses supervising the work of office staff and designing and implementing various policies of an office, good multitasking skills are a necessity.
He/she is the first person approached by the employees for getting their complaints resolved. This demands effective problem-solving skills.

Job Profile

In some offices, the work may involve accounting or performing payroll duties. This calls for good mathematical skills as well for accuracy. Possessing all these qualities will be a great asset for a person who intends to be an office manager. Some of the important duties are listed here.
Responsibilities vary to a great scale depending upon the business. However, the basic set of skills related to this profession remain the same.

Maintaining Office Records

  • The individual has to lay down the procedure for maintaining day-to-day records of the company.
  • He/she also designs filing systems and ensures that these systems are up-to-date.
  • Maintaining the office budget and records of all the expenses is one of the important responsibilities.
  • He/she also has to update his personnel files and keep them secure.
  • He/she needs to make sure that the schedule and policies are carried out effectively.
  • Various changes in terms, policies and schedule from time to time, must be communicated to all the employees.

Secretarial and Clerical Duties

  • The manager needs to oversee the clerical and secretarial functions of the company.
  • He/she ensures that no staff member is overloaded with work by delegating equal and appropriate responsibilities among the staff.
  • He/she also needs to oversee that all the staff are working and performing the given tasks properly.
  • In some organizations, the manager can evaluate and manage performance of each employee thereby playing a crucial role in their promotion.
  • He/she also updates health safety policies and ensures that they are being adhered to.
  • Clerical duties involve answering phones, filing, and typing important documents that need to be performed on a daily basis.

Accounting Duties

  • Accounting and payroll duties form an important part of the job description.
  • In some organizations, she is also required to submit and update tax calculations for the organization.
  • The individual must have good mathematical skills and knowledge of accounting software.
  • He/she is also required to keep track of the working hours of each employee, in addition to the pay set for employees.
  • He/she writes payroll checks and distributes funds for additional working hours to the employees on the payday.

Recruitment and Training

  • Overseeing the selection and recruitment procedure of new candidates is one of the prime responsibilities.
  • He/she is also required to train and acquaint the new employees with office policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • He/she is actively involved in devising or organizing employee training programs and related arrangements.

Meetings and Presentations

  • She needs to actively participate in meetings with the senior management for reviewing performance of the company and the employees.
  • Sometimes, he/she is required to deliver reports and presentations regarding the working of the office and finances to the senior management.
  • He/she also participates in management meetings that are aimed at introducing new policies.
  • He/she takes part in the constructive planning sessions for the overall development of the firm.


  • Ordering office supplies when needed
  • Handling customer complaints and inquiries
  • Resolving disputes in the office
  • Resolving issues that the employees have against the management or the business

Qualifications Required

  • The minimum requirement to get a job as an office manager, is to have a college degree in business.
  • Experience in accounting, data processing, and administrative management would also be an added advantage for the position.
  • Knowledge of office software packages, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., is also expected for this job.


  • In United States, an office manager may earn anywhere between US$28,822 - US$63,465.
  • However, the salary will mostly depend on the employer size, industry, and also the experience and credentials of the individual.
A career as an office manager will help to gain a good exposure of the business world. With experience, this position can get you promoted to higher executive positions. In fact, a career in office management will be an ideal way to kick-start your career in business.