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Office Janitor Job Description

Indrajit Deshmukh
The office janitor plays an important role in functioning of any business, as they are responsible for maintaining hygienic working conditions. Some employers prefer janitors with a high school degree, but most will hire people without any educational qualification.
Janitors play an integral role in most settings ranging from business houses to schools, where they are also known as 'custodians'. Hollywood has also recognized the importance of a janitor and have portrayed them in glorified roles.
In the movie 'Goodwill Hunting', Matt Damon is shown as a janitor with exceptional intelligence and has the ability to solve complex mathematical problems. In real life, janitors may not be solving complex mathematical problems but they do make our lives easier and cleaner.
Being a janitor is not just picking up trash and cleaning toilets. They use advanced technology during their work; some also handle complex machines like air conditioners and furnaces. The job can be taxing on the body at times and requires good stamina. If you think that it's a simple job, you may be in for a surprise as the job involves a lot of hard work.


One of the primary functions of a janitor is to keep the office clean and hygienic for the other employees.
They must have knowledge of cleaning agents because different products are needed for cleaning the windows and the floor. The janitor has to perform duties like vacuuming and mopping which require some degree of physical strength.
In an office space, one of the tasks is to collect trash from every unit and dispose it properly. Cleaning up the desks and things like computer systems to ensure that employees have a clean workstation is a janitor's responsibility.
They also ensure that essentials like toilet paper, soap, room freshener, etc., are in supply. They also make an inventory of cleaning supplies and place orders for them or, in large organizations, report to the housekeeping manager.
The job description also entails maintaining the outside an office building. Janitors will perform duties like trimming lawns and watering the plants. They will also shovel snow and clean any debris that is lying around.
In some offices, the janitor is responsible for maintaining the landscape and doubles as a gardener. They will also notify the manager if they notice any health hazards on the premises.
They perform maintenance duties and repair work like replacing air conditioner filters and changing bulbs. Janitors have to use power tools and hand tools while performing their duties.
Plumbing and electrical repair are some of the common problems that they are called in to fix in an office setting. Looking after the heating and ventilating systems and keep them functioning properly is also one of the responsibilities of the custodian.


Office janitors take on various responsibilities and are well compensated for the work they do. The average annual salary of a janitor is between USD 15,000 and USD 49,000 according to national statistics. These figures are estimates and actual salaries may vary depending on the job responsibilities and location of the job.
In states like California, office janitors can expect to earn around USD 32,000 per year. In New York, where the cost of living is comparatively higher, a janitor can earn around USD 33,500 per year. In states like Michigan, the salary figures drop to USD 26,500 per year and in Colorado the figure is USD 28,000.
An office janitor mostly works at odd hours as they perform their duties when offices are empty. Full-time office janitors work around 40 hours a week, however, there are positions for people looking to work in the evening or over the weekend as well.