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Office Assistant Job Description

Rujuta Borkar
Wondering what an office assistant job description entails? Read on for more details.
Behind every successful man is a woman, they say. I think the same holds true every time. Not the woman part probably, but definitely an assistant.
An office assistant job description (implied) is to broadly pave the way for his/her boss by taking care of all the niggling pre-work (before a deal, etc.) so that the main work can be handled with minimum problems.
The office assistant job description involves him to make sure that the main work is carried out without a glitch. Of course, there are several other duties and responsibilities that an office assistant job description will speak of - let us see what these are in greater detail.

Office Assistant Job Description - Sample

Given below are a sample of the responsibilities and duties that come as a part of the office assistant job description. One of the main things that formulates as office assistant duties is to assume responsibilities of certain tasks like these
  • Taking responsibility for keeping the minutes of any meeting and recording the points for later reference, if needed.
  • Assisting the staff with varied responsibilities and keying them in on the duties they are supposed to handle.
  • Sometimes an office assistant job description also means assuming duties similar to that of a receptionist. So he needs to take calls, messages, greet the clients and direct them to the varied staff members as is needed.
  • Developing and maintaining the agency inventory system.
  • Typing and processing various documents, as and when required.
  • Supervising the various reception members.
  • Keeping a check on the varied donations and checks that are sent to the office on a daily basis.
  • Keeping a daily check on the mails that are sent to the office along with answering them.
  • He is responsible for dispatching duties to varied staff members as and when required.
  • Maintaining a clean reception area, making it ready for the clients, etc.
  • Making arrangements for traveling and staying of varied staff members, if they have been dispatched on a business trip.
  • Maintaining and keeping a daily check and record of the company's database and making sure that the changes are keyed in from time to time. Read more on¬†data entry job description.
  • Making sure that the company's data collection system is maintained and modified, as and when the need arises.
  • Providing database encoding training to the staff.
  • Maintaining contacts with the varied departments of oversees to make sure that the database management is carried out effectively.
  • Assisting in the completion of reports.
  • Keeping a check on all the things that are required in the office and ordering them accordingly.
  • Assisting the program coordinators in the completion of statistical data entry.
  • Acting as a channel between the boss and the staff.
  • An office assistant job description also needs him to sometimes assist with equipment loan banking.
  • Assists in providing system advocacy.
  • He is responsible for updating the mailing lists on a daily basis.
  • He oversees the packing, assembling and dispatching of varied packets.
Along with these, he might have to undertake several specific duties according to the work setup and as requested by his superiors.
To get a job as an office assistant, one has to submit an office assistant job description for resume, which has all the key points that are needed to be seen by the employer.
It should contain in details, the educational qualifications/ experience (if any) and other related information. Make sure that you provide an objective, stating the reason why you want to join that particular organization. Having experience and reference letters will act as more of an advantage in your favor.
So now that you know what an office assistant job description entails, and what is required to apply for it, go ahead and give it as shot. All the best!