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Odd Jobs That Pay Well

Neha Joshi
Know 5 odd jobs that pay well but before we read more on these, we need to know what exactly odd jobs are, don't we? There are some jobs that are certainly out-of-the-box but the remuneration they provide is great. Let's find out more about these odd jobs and the salaries they offer!
"Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you'll have more success than you could possibly have imagined." ~ Roger Caras
People do search for odd jobs that pay well, maybe just because they need change or maybe just because they want to do something out of the box. Odd jobs are all those jobs that aren't ordinary. These are jobs that we don't hear of everyday, jobs that are unique and jobs that very few take up.
Some search for these jobs in search of doing something different, while some want them only so that they sound really cool when they talk about them. While some of these odd jobs don't pay a decent salary, there are some that might just surprise you with their pay packages.
These are the jobs we've discussed here. Let us tell you that it's not only the young who look for these but middle-aged folks, bored with their mundane professional life, really hunt for these!

5 Odd Jobs that Will Pay You Good Money

Today, every job is valued, one that may pay well and one that may not. As long as you have a job, you're safe, at least safer than the rest. If you plan to take up a different job because you're looking for a change, you must think twice. Starting all over isn't an easy affair. However, if it's your first, these jobs surely won't disappoint you!

Skills Manager

Very few people have heard of this one but it's just a small offshoot of actual management. There are a lot of people who are skilled but don't know how to manage their skills properly.
Just like businesses need consultants to grow, a person needs someone with experience or knowledge to tell him how to best make use of the skills he possesses. 
Jobs, hobbies and interests can all be managed in such a way that maximum money is earned along with maximum satisfaction. Skills need to be managed at big organizations and at a personal level too. You can work as a consultant and as a career analyst as well. Freelancing is the best option in these jobs.


You might think how bar tending becomes an odd job, isn't it? For one thing, this is one job where working is a party...always! You get to try your hand at new cocktails and there is one thing we just can't miss - the tips!
In most cases, you would see bartenders earning more in tips than in the salaries they get. More than the tips, the salaries look seem like bonuses. This is one job that is very easy to get. More bars keep on opening and the need just increases. Also, in most cases, these jobs are night jobs and hardly take any of your day time.

House of Recycled Goods

This is also one of the best odd jobs for kids.
Plastic is banned in most places and it'll be hardly any time before it's banned completely, specially where it's just used without a benefit such as shopping malls and packing. You can start a business of recycled goods and this business can be started with the manufacturing of recycled paper bags.
You can make contracts with restaurants and grocery stores and request them to provide only these paper bags. On every bag, you can give your contact number and information about your business. Once people find an alternative to plastic, they'll obviously go for it.

Neighborhood Planner

Do you know why some neighborhoods are considered better than the rest? It is because they are equipped with some facilities that are unavailable in the others. You can study more about the formation of these neighborhoods and what exactly are the pre-requisites of a good neighborhood.
You can help people plan the areas and societies they live in, in such a way that living becomes easy. Businesses can be started, schools can be built and daycares can be established with the help of proper planning and some funds. You can charge a fee that would cover your expenses and then pay for your work.

All about Alcohol

We have all heard about wine tasting and the sort, haven't we? If you have a taste for alcohol, you could work as a freelance wine/vodka/whiskey consultant.
Your job wouldn't only be helping the owners bring in the best of alcohol in their restaurant but also to help the customers choose the best alcohol with their meal, according to their preferences. Very few people are educated about liquor and thus, if you have the required knowledge, you will be hired immediately.
These were some odd jobs that pay well and also make the nature of your job unique and different. If you look hard, you will find many such exciting jobs that pay well. At the end of it all, like Mr. Muhammad Ali said, it's just a job.
If your focus is mainly on the earning, you should know that it's not about the kind of job, but the kind of hard work you put in it and the satisfaction that you receive matter most. Think well, contemplate rationally and zero-in on a job that best suits your liking. We hope you find such a job in the list above. Best of Luck!