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Objective Statement for Resume

Ujwal Deshmukh
Writing a sensible and understandable objective statement for resume is important while preparing a resume. We will provide some tips and a couple of samples of the same.
The most preliminary and probably the most important documents that reach the hands of your future employer are your cover letter and resume. Now, with regards to resume, you need to furnish the right information about your educational qualifications, work experience (if any), personal traits, contact details, etc.
This is however very well-known to all of us! But, apart from all this information, you need an objective statement for resume, which is placed on the top of the page, and also forms an important part of your resume.
Unfortunately, many people ignore this part or write whatever that comes to their mind, or they just copy it from another resume and present it as their own. This is neither ethical nor sensible! Your objective is not just a statement. Rather, it's a commitment done by you to your own career and organization. Therefore, it should be completely your own idea.
Whatever is your career objective, be it earning money, be it job satisfaction, be it acquiring the top position, or anything. You yourself should give a thought to it and frame your career objective accordingly. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to think for your career objective. So to help you out, we have discussed some tips here.

Important Tips

Well, deciding your career objective is not that difficult. All you need to do is search for your own needs and ambitions, and then frame them in a simple yet attractive and realistic way. Here are some tips in this regard.

Explore Your Aim

This is the first and the most important step. Find out, currently, what is your aim in your career? Now, it can be anything, it can be money, performance, job satisfaction, financial security, or anything as per your wish. But, make sure you think over it and then construct it sensibly.

Be Realistic

In the course of finding out the objective, people often tend to be over ambitious and write something senseless. This might disappoint the employer and he might think of it in a different manner. To avoid such a situation, see to it that whatever you are writing is realistic and is in track with your current position in career.

Construct it Assertively

Now, when you have found out your objective and you are all set to write on it, you should pay attention towards its construction and framing. See that along with your desire, ambition, and long time career plan, you also write something that will benefit the company as well!
In short, mention about your skills that will prove useful to the organization. This would convince the employer to a great extent, to think about your job application.

Conclude Positively

Well, this goes without saying as you cannot end anything abruptly! Your career objective should end with something that benefits your career as well as helps the organization to develop and reach newer heights. And one more thing, remember KISS (Keep It Short and Sweet!!).
Of course, your application is not the only one the employer is dealing with. Do not exceed three-four sentences and try to convey your thoughts in the least of words. Check the entire text for punctuations, spelling mistakes, and sentence construction before moving ahead.
Of course, you might have got a fair idea of writing an objective statement now. However, for a more clear understanding, take a look at some examples given here.


Example #1 - Freshman

I am a freshman in the corporate culture, but ready to take on the world and accept challenges. Utilizing my communication skills, smart working ability, fresh thoughts, and assertive behavior to benefit the organization and contribute substantially to its development, is the prime concern of my career.

Example #2 - Experienced

With considerable experience in marketing and sales and expertise over strategic planning, I aim at utilizing my potential at the fullest to perform superlatively well and help my organization to attain its goals and fulfill its objectives.
So now with the mentioned tips and examples, preparing one would not be a difficult task. The samples given are just an idea to help you out in writing an objective statement. However, you are expected to come up with your own. After all, you know your expectations better than anyone else!!!