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Nuclear Engineer Job Description

Charlie S
Nuclear engineering is a very interesting field that can land you prestigious industry jobs with a high salary. In this story, our focus would be on understanding the job description of a nuclear engineer and how you can plan a career as a professional in this field.
Nuclear energy is being considered as a major energy source in today's times when the demand for electricity has gone up several times. The building and development of high-tech nuclear power plants has created many job opportunities for nuclear engineers. The job is highly specialized, and requires many skills for achieving your career goals.
So, if you are interested in this exciting career, you need to take a lot of efforts and stay motivated throughout, because it does take time to fulfill your dream of working as a nuclear engineer due to high competition. The job description given below will serve as a perfect guide for you to know what exactly these engineers do.

Job Description

  • Designing and building nuclear reactors is the primary responsibility.
  • Nuclear engineers also design the machinery which is required for electricity generation.
  • Building nuclear reactors requires a lot of precision and accuracy considering the nature of the fuel used and hence nuclear engineers take efforts to see that all systems function correctly by frequent monitoring.
  • Ensuring proper use of nuclear power and inventing techniques for proper disposal of nuclear waste is also a part of the job description of a nuclear engineer.
  • They can also be called upon by the government and defense establishment to research and develop nuclear weapons.
  • Nuclear engineers are also responsible for setting the standards that all organizations involved with nuclear energy must follow.
  • They issue licenses, implement safety research, establish rules, conduct on site inspections, perform risk analysis, and pursue research.
  • They are also seen engaged in research work in the field of nuclear energy at well-known research institutions.
  • There are nuclear engineers who choose to take up teaching to graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level students as their career option
To enter this field, you need to obtain your graduate degree in nuclear science physics or nuclear engineering. This field is based on the fundamental theories of physics and the basics of atomic and nuclear theory are difficult to conceptualize except mathematically, an aptitude for mathematics, physics, and chemistry is essential.
Being one of the most prestigious and coveted jobs, the salary is also very competitive and attractive. The starting salary for nuclear engineers can range between $70,000 to $75,000 per year.
With around eight to ten years of practical experience, you can draw anything between $100,000 to $150,000 per year. For highly experienced professionals, the salaries can be more than $200,000 per year.
Work hard right from your high school for this great opportunity and achieve your dreams in life. All the best!