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Non-teaching Jobs for Teachers

Aastha Dogra
Although, teaching is not exactly an easy job, yet, due to the limited work timings and so many holidays, teachers can always take up a second job, to supplement their income.
Most teachers are good planners, great communicators and have people's skills, which would do them well in any profession. Nevertheless, there are some jobs in which the probability of teachers to be successful is much higher.

Alternative Jobs for Teachers


If you are good at the language and have the ability to write on diverse topics, then you can take up freelance writing for newspapers and magazines. Another alternative for part-time jobs for teachers is content writing.
There are numerous websites on the Internet, who would pay you to write on topics such as health, fashion, interior decoration, food, etc. So, if you think that you have the versatility to write on so many topics in an interesting, creative manner, content writing is the perfect second job for you.


A teacher who has a number of years of experience in the field of teaching, can take up training workshops for aspiring teachers. You can actually hold one day seminars for high school students or college graduates on what all it takes to be a teacher. You can guide them on the best places to do their teaching diplomas or obtain teaching degrees from.
Or, you can train professionals who are new in this field on various innovative teaching and disciplining methods. Likewise, you can do a number of other things, if you have a good five or more years of experience in teaching.

Motivational Speaker

As a teacher, you not only impart knowledge to the students on a given subject, but also give many life lessons. Almost all teachers have this knack and ability to guide others on how to lead a productive, disciplined and happy life. So, if you want, you can make an alternative career to teaching with this skill of yours.
You can become a motivational speaker and earn money by giving guest lectures in various corporates to their employees. Planning, organization, leadership, people management and communication skills are displayed by all teachers while teaching in a class. Thus, you can take seminars and training sessions in corporates regarding the same too.

Social Service

Earlier, working in a social service organization meant only satisfaction and no monetary gains. Today, jobs in many NGOs are almost as well-paying as in the corporate sector. Since you are a teacher, you can easily find jobs in social organizations which work with children. Money and satisfaction of doing something good, such social service offers both!


If you are willing to make the efforts, then starting your own business can be very rewarding. When thinking of starting a small business, be sure that you have a good business idea and that you can find customers easily for your business.
Catering, real estate broker, cleaning business, starting your own hobby classes, personality development classes for young boys and girls, career counseling - there are umpteen ideas to choose from and make some good money, if executed properly.

Internet Jobs

Data entry, online surveys, online selling, Internet affiliate marketing, virtual assistant - you can consider any of these Internet jobs.
They offer the right flexibility in terms of work timings, good money and convenience of working from home, which most people look for in a second job.
If you search carefully, you can easily find one of your choice, which matches your skills and financial expectations. Whatever job you take up in the end, make sure that you do it as well as your regular teaching job with full dedication. When it comes to doing two jobs simultaneously, the key lies in being good at time management and organization.