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Nonprofit Executive Director Job Description

Charlie S
The job of a nonprofit executive director is full of challenges and responsibilities. Obtaining donations, using them responsibly, and showcasing visible changes are some of the responsibilities of this professional. Here's a look into the job description in greater detail.
The importance of nonprofit organizations has increased manifold over the years. Nonprofit organizations provide basic facilities to the common public to make their lives comfortable. Medical facilities, educational opportunities, and job opportunities are some tasks undertaken by nonprofit organizations.
However, nonprofit organizations can succeed only if they have effective leadership. The main aspect of the job description of a nonprofit executive director is to provide dynamic leadership and guidance to take the organization quickly on the path of success.

Duties and Tasks

  • Finding Potential Donors: A nonprofit executive director's job involves working hard to find potential donors for charitable organization. This is because unless the nonprofit organization is financially strong, it will not be able to cater to the needs of the public. 
Funding for nonprofit organizations has to be consistent to implement their public welfare plans. Hence finding people who can finance them and explaining the aims and objective of the organization is important.
  • Allotting Funds: Another duty of the executive director of a nonprofit organization is ensuring that good use is made with the money that has been raised. The director has to allot money for different purposes and see to it that financial help reaches the needy.
  • Reporting with Board of Directors: The job also involves proper communication with the board of directors on issues related to development of the organization, and how the funds that the organization is receiving are used.
  • Recruiting Staff: Smooth functioning of a nonprofit organization is not possible unless it has sufficient and talented staff. The executive director's job also involves supervising recruitment process by giving proper instructions to recruiters regarding qualifications and qualities of applicants. Efficient staff can guarantee the success.
Maintaining Records: Maintaining records of the tasks successfully completed by the organization and the places where it fell short to meet its targets is a must for the executive director. She/he should look into matters to ensure successful running of launched programs.

Required Qualifications

An aspirant for this position should be highly talented and qualified. A graduation degree along with a management post graduation can be an ideal qualification for an executive director. This director should have practical experience in managing affairs of a nonprofit organization.
Effective communication skills, confidence, desire to help the needy, strategic thinking abilities, hard work and dedication are some qualities which are a must.
Nonprofit executive directors are known to be well-paid professionals. Pay packages for these directors vary from place to place and also from organization to organization. As per the figures suggested by market experts, salaries can be anything in between USD 61,000 to USD 90,000. Salaries for these directors increase with experience and skill.