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Network Administrator Job Description

Charlie S
The demand for network administrators is increasing, as all industries are becoming more and more computer-savvy. The details about this job and related salaries are explained in this write-up.
Use of computers in today's world has increased to a great extent.
Many companies in the private and government sectors depend a lot on them, to complete their targets on time. However, since it is a machine, computer networks might face problems, and it is the duty of the network administrators to solve them.

Job Description

The most important aspect of this field is good planning of the computer networks, such that the computers and servers in a particular company are well connected to each other.
A network administrator has to select the proper network addressing system and the connection devices for efficient network functioning, within the company. His duties also include maintaining the computer user account details, and implementing the planned and well-designed networks in the right manner.
These professionals assign individual passwords to the users, and provide them access to only those files and folders, which are meant for their use. They can also change the passwords, if needed.
They operate and maintain the internal networks and e-mails of the company. For effective and fast internal communication, they provide employees with telephone connections. They also provide training for the system software programs.
As computer networks are used extensively by many office working professionals, they are bound to have problems intermittently. The duty of the network administrators is to solve these difficulties, by providing efficient technical support and finding the networking defects.
They might have to deal with situations in which the entire network has a problem and it stops functioning. They ensure that the networks are working at an optimum level. They also take efforts in installing and configuring the computers and the entire networking equipment.
They also ensure complete network security and protection from viruses. These professionals manage the carrier circuits and maintain the network architecture. They operate the tool setup for effective network management, and solve the connectivity problems related to Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Educational Requirements

This is a specialized field, and a relevant college degree is a must for becoming successful in this occupation. Ideally, you should complete your graduation in subjects like computer science, networking, computer engineering, or telecommunication.
A Master's degree, which can provide deep knowledge of network security and designing, can take you a long way in this career. A sound knowledge of AS400 administration and the SQL server 2017 replication, can add some importance to your resume for this job.
Their salary largely depends on their skill-set, experience, and work location. As a fresher, the average earning is around USD 51,000 per year. Gradually, with quality experience, the pay scale goes up to USD 58,000 per year, in about five years time. Network administrators with more than ten years of experience can earn more than USD 64,000 per year.