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Nanny Responsibilities

Aparna Jadhav
If you want to be a nanny, you need to know what nanny responsibilities exactly are. This write-up provides information about the same.
A Nanny's job is priceless, such precious minds to reach,
A job done out of compassion and love for the ones they teach.
~ Unknown
Those single parents who are a working and can't manage the responsibilities of work, home, and children alone, usually need a nanny. There are many parents who would prefer to keep their kids in a day care center instead of employing a nanny.
However, hiring a nanny is a better option, since there are many responsibilities which can be taken care of. If you are someone who is great with kids and wouldn't mind a temporary job to make a few extra dollars, being a nanny would be perfect.
A number of people need child care and help with home duties because they are working. Mentioned further are a few responsibilities of a nanny and how it can be a sensible option to choose as a secure job.
A nanny is a helper who undertakes a few responsibilities of kids and the household and makes it easier for the parents to have a professional life. There are no major duties which have to be carried out, but only those which you are paid for.
One of the most important aspect is the basic caretaking that parents cannot give attention to because of work.
Many people prefer not to employ nannies because they are very expensive, and turn to day care centers. However, there are many recruitment agencies which you can enroll in, if you want to find a family which needs a nanny. They also hire you looking at your experience and qualifications, which are very essential.
A nanny job also depends on the nanny responsibilities which are allotted to you, the working hours, the number of children you have to take care of, and of course, the salary.
Therefore, when you are looking for a nanny job, as an applicant, you need to add a few responsibilities on your resume so that it's easier to shortlist them. Apart from babysitting, you can also add a few housekeeping duties which you wouldn't mind doing for a higher salary.

Responsibilities' List

There are a number of nanny roles and responsibilities which are expected to be followed by a nanny. Since these jobs are known to be "in-home child care providers", people pretty much depend on them for basic child development duties.

Feeding and Dressing

These are one of the typical responsibilities which need to be carried out. Babies and toddlers get hungry many times in a day and also need to be changed. Thus, feeding and dressing responsibilities of a nanny can be:
  • Cooking food
  • Containing and freezing it
  • Preparing and reheating food
  • Feeding the child
  • Dressing the child to suit the environment
  • Keeping sufficient clean clothing for regular change, indoors and outdoors
  • Doing their laundry on time

Comforting and Teaching

Another very important job which nannies need to do is to influence and comfort the kids in the right manner (just like a parent). Kids are vulnerable to child negligence. Thus, caring for them and teaching them the right things is also a very big responsibility of a nanny.
  • Changing diapers
  • Bathing and maintaining personal hygiene of the child
  • Ensuring that the child stays at a comfortable temperature
  • Singing or reading the child to sleep
  • Comforting the child in case of pain, like teething
  • Teaching creative arts and crafts
  • Playing physical as well as thinking games with the child

Other Obligations

Apart from the responsibilities mentioned earlier, there are a few more which are also required to be carried out if the parents need help. The basic duties are to feed, bathe, dress, and play, but cleaning and assisting the mother/father are also expected.
  • Ensuring child safety
  • Tidying the rooms and cleaning up after the kids are asleep
  • Assisting the mother in the cooking and cleaning jobs related to child care
  • Keeping the children's room organized
  • Making sure that the baby vessels are sterilized and cleaned thoroughly to keep away bacteria

Pay-scales and Work Timings

Other than the responsibilities mentioned earlier, you have to think about how much you can earn from this job. You can make anything between $9 to $20 an hour, depending on many other factors which should be considered before hiring.
A few of your qualities will also be considered before hiring, like habits, experience, personality, behavior, and qualifications. This can be taken care of by the agency you will work for, or you could put it on your resume if you apply independently.
Therefore, you have to make sure about keeping your price rates with respect to the following.
  • Number of children and their ages
  • Working hours (Full-time/Part-time)
  • Living conditions (if you are a full-time nanny)
With the list of the mentioned responsibilities, you can apply for these jobs right away. This is a great career option for individuals (of all ages) who love kids and don't mind spending a lot of time with them.