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Multimedia Jobs

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Looking for multimedia jobs? Well this is one field that didn't see a downfall even when many companies were going bankrupt. So if you want to know which are the job opportunities in the field of multimedia, read ahead...
Multimedia is a field for creative people. We are not saying that it doesn't require technical knowledge but the share of creativity is slightly more than the share of technicality in the field. However, for people who have no idea what multimedia is, here is a simple definition. Multimedia, in simple terms, is various forms of media combined together.
Examples of multimedia can be taken as graphics, audio, animation, data and video. In recent years, we have seen various types of media being linked together.
So all the latest CD ROMs, video games, an information Kiosk at a terminal of a subway or an airport is a form of multimedia. If you are pursuing your education in this creative field, then there are variety of jobs which you can opt for.

Multimedia Design Jobs

In today's world industries work on publicity and advertising and they all need a qualified and experienced multimedia designer at some point. Multimedia designers usually come up with ideas and designs that make a websites, CDs, videos and other technical material look presentable.
Generally these designers work for IT and telecommunication companies but as of now almost every industry is seeking the guidance of a talented multimedia designer to make their product attractive and furnished. Training is required in this field because work can't be done without the use of tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Director.
The Bachelor's degree is awarded after two years of training, however, many students prefer doing an MBA. In the degree program, you will be provided training in digital media, design, visual effects, web design and computer aided design.
Many colleges and universities offer online courses for working individuals. Usually students prefer to study and work at the same time. Jobs can be found in TV, films, animation and audio production. Employers seek designers who are well-trained and can adapt to the changing trends of the multimedia industry.
Candidates working in this field can get an average salary of around $48,000 provided he/she is working on a huge project and with some of the best names in the business. As the field is still fresh and evolving, it is filled with excellent growth prospects. Here is a list of jobs which fall under this category.
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Web Designer
  • Video Game Designers
  • Sound Technician
  • Multimedia Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • Software Designers

Multimedia Journalism Jobs

Multimedia jobs in journalism are very popular. The best definition of multimedia journalism is combining text, images, sound, videos and graphics to tell an interesting story.
A multimedia journalist is also called the next generation journalist. As technology is daily introducing new concepts about everything in this world, it is very important to keep yourself updated about the different things happening in your career field.
A modern-day journalist just doesn't want to write or get good stories, he/she wants to design the entire page in which the stories would get published; multimedia journalism is all about that. A multimedia journalist reports to the editor for feedback and reviews.
Candidates need to have a solid work experience in the field of journalism and a Bachelor's degree in multimedia design is considered helpful. He/she should be able to carry out website designing using the appropriate content and should be fluent in writing news reports, emails, and bulletins.
Creating breaking news, using a variety of websites and tickers, shooting, cropping and knowledge on editing pictures and videos is a must. You should be able to interview and conduct online research. Sub-editing, headlining and proofreading all the content before publishing it are also important tasks which need to be performed efficiently.
Jobs in multimedia journalism offer a pay package of $28,000 to $47,000 and gradually rise up in their field with better prospects. Jobs specific to this field are:
  • Technical Writers
  • Video Journalist
  • Multimedia Editor
  • Multimedia Writer
  • Digital Reporter
  • News Designer
  • Photo Journalist
  • Content Supervisor
  • Press Representative
  • Senior Reporter/Blogger

Multimedia Production Jobs

Multimedia jobs in the field of production covers many employment opportunities. You can produce movies, make videos for the Internet, or handle the charge of radio production. A Bachelor's degree in the field of multimedia production will enlighten you about the various job opportunities in the field of multimedia.
Specialization courses are offered in audio production, digital photography or computer animation and completing a specialization gives the candidate a better understanding about the field.
Some courses in multimedia production covers certain aspects of filmmaking and production. Majority courses teach students how to use their talents to come up with a better product.
Students are expected to start up with a decent pay of $46,000 to $55,000 and see a gradual rise in their career. Jobs related to this field are:
  • Multimedia Production Assistant
  • Multimedia Production Coordinator
  • Multimedia Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Senior Web Producer
  • Supervising Producer
  • Sound Production
Multimedia industry is about teamwork as everyone is dependent on each other for proper functioning of the project. As technology advances so will multimedia, so students can be sure that this field will be full of exciting multimedia careers in the coming years.