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Multimedia Job Titles

Stephen Rampur
Graphics and game designers are the most opted for multimedia job titles. These jobs are most appropriate for creative tech-savvy professionals...
If you want to make the best use of your hobby and interest, then multimedia career opportunities are one of them. With the advent of Information Technology (IT) and advanced communication technologies, multimedia jobs have gained high significance in recent years.
The most prominent jobs include that of a game designer, web developer, and sound engineer. These jobs require a great amount of creativity as well as technical know-how. Most of these multimedia careers allow a person to work after completing a short course or training.
However, you can always opt for advanced courses, especially in sound engineering and film production. Also remember that a majority of these careers require you to work in a team for project deliverables.

List of Common Multimedia Job Titles

Web Designers and Developers

Web designers and developers are IT professionals who do the job of designing websites and Internet databases. They employ a wide range of skills in coding and programming to animation. They typically use computer languages such as HTML, Javascript, XHTML, Flash, and PHP.
They have to keep in touch with clients regarding exact website development requirements. The median pay of these web development professionals comes to around $80,000 per annum.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers usually provide services in print and electronic media; such as for websites, newspapers, or magazines. These experts are responsible for creating and executing the layout of the design with regards to graphics, pictures, animations, and other types of interactive media.
They are well versed in preparing layouts and related designs using graphic software and tools. Due to the creativity involved in their jobs, graphic designers are paid around $50,000 per annum on an average.

Video Game Designers

If you have a deep interest in programming and playing video games, this career is most appropriate for you. Game designers are basically application developers who have an expertise in creating a wide range of video games for PC and other gaming consoles.
These experts need to work on graphical and animated elements essential in a game. Such game components include character creation, level setting, combining graphics and sounds, and other technical aspects. Those with less than three years of experience can earn a decent amount, around $48,000 per annum.


Videographers work with the production of videos and its technical aspects. They record videos and sounds on an electronic storage medium, and provide the data for further processing. A videographer is also responsible for cameras, sound setup, and lighting in live events.
He may be required to execute video recording projects in wedding ceremonies, TV commercials, music shows, documentaries, and short films.
Considering the work, videographers need to be updated with latest technological advancements in the multimedia industry. These experts generally earn around $65,000 on a median scale.

Sound Engineering Technicians

This position in multimedia is a very important one for those in the music and film industry. Sound engineering technicians are experts, who mix different sounds and music, to come up with work that can be used in projects such as films and audio records.
In order to become a sound engineer, you need to be proficient in the latest audio and sound technologies available in the market. There are many audio engineering courses available in music schools. The median pay of a sound engineer is around $50,000.

Creative Directors

A creative director is an expert who is handed over the responsibility of overseeing the whole multimedia project; be it from film, fashion, entertainment, or graphic design industries. He guides his team in the assigned project to come up with creative solutions, which can then be customized as per the requirements of clients.
This is a top-level post which supervises other jobs in multimedia. A creative director needs to use technical, creative, communication, and management skills in this day-to-day work. The average income of creative directors is reported to be about $122,000 per annum.
A generic job in this field is that of a multimedia designer. He is a professional, who does most of the tasks similar to those of web and graphic designers, animations, and other 3D visuals. There are many others careers in design and processing such as film and TV production, digital photography, journalism, and similar others.
Today, multimedia has become a broad field and there are many new job titles springing up. For instance, multimedia writing and sales is largely being used in this area of work. In order to work in multimedia jobs successfully, you definitely need to have a creative mind as well as the required technical skills.