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MRI Technician Job Description

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
An MRI technician's job entails operating the machinery which scans 3D images of the internal tissues and organs of the body. Here's more...
There are continuous changes happening for the betterment of health care equipment due to advances in technology, which creates a demand for professionals who are qualified to operate them effectively.
Surgeons and physicians who are dependent on these equipment for diagnosing serious diseases, require reliable and licensed technicians who can help with the technical aspects of these machines.
There are various types of medical equipment used in the medical field, one of which is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI machine. This machine helps detect tissue problems in patients, and is an important diagnostic tool.

Work and Duties of a MRI Technician

The basic job of an MRI tech is to use the MRI machine to take detailed pictures of affected structures and tissues inside the human body.
General responsibilities include: to change the imaging parameters, select software options, adjust the MRI scanner, operate the examination equipment, guide patients on different procedures, have a manual dexterity to lock and release table straps, be sensitive and understanding to the psychological needs of patients, and help those in wheelchairs onto the scanner.
They are also expected to follow the physician's orders, explain the MRI procedures to patients, and instruct them while imaging. Most MRI tech's work at clinics, hospitals, or diagnostic imaging centers.

Educational Requirements

To develop a career in this field, concentrate on math and science in school, and take basic courses in anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, and physics. This will help acquire a general idea about the field of medicine.
After high school, a minimum of a two-year college degree in Radiologic Technology is a must. Medical programs range from one-year certificate courses to graduate programs, so choose a program that best suits you. Enrolling in a well-recognized university can further aid your chances of placement.


The salary of these professionals largely depends on the level of experience, job location, and the type of employer. On an average, an MRI technician earns around $77,000 per year.
With the baby boomer's retiring, the amount of senior citizens in the country and their demand for medical care is increasing. Due to this, the salary figure of all professions related to medicine is on the constant rise.