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Most Satisfying Careers

Charlie S
Here, we provide some basic information about the topmost satisfying careers.
These days, apart from salary and promotions, people also look for job satisfaction. It's possible to be in an occupation for a long time, only if you get pleasure from it. There are a number of jobs which are truly enjoyable. These occupations give you a lot of fame, good money, and respect in the society.
Such conclusions were drawn from the job satisfaction statistics, which are available with companies conducting surveys in the corporate field. These surveys were conducted by consulting many people from different fields, regarding gratification with their careers.
The feedback from people was not too positive, with more than 60% of them saying that they are not happy with their current jobs, and would like to take up new ones.


Apart from academics, teachers impart values to students to make them good people. They guide pupils at every career stage, and receive credit for their mentoring, when students do well. Teachers get a lot of respect in society.


It includes leading the congregations with the help of spiritual means, and giving morally useful guidance and support to the community members. In recent surveys, an astonishing 87% of people from this profession were highly gratified with their job.


These professionals participate in the rescue operations in areas, where there has been a fire breakout. They save people's lives, and hence get due appreciation for their job. According to recent surveys, around 80% of the firefighters were satisfied with their career.


Creative content is written either online, or for books read by millions. It can change the way people think and inspire them. If the writing is good, writers get their due in form of royalties, money, and good wishes.

Social Work

It is considered to be one of the most emotionally rewarding careers. They strive to make a better life for the poor, needy, and disabled people. They undertake many programs, which train such people to earn for their own living.


They are the medical professionals who provide guidance and treatment options to people, who are mentally disturbed and stressed out. Their work has become important due to the growing stress levels and changing lifestyles of people.
Bringing back the lives of people to normalcy, is indeed a great task. This is surely one of the most lucrative jobs available in the present scenario.

Other Satisfying Careers

  • Medical Scientists
  • Artists
  • Sales Management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Education Administration
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Sports
  • Biochemistry
  • Chiropractic