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Most Rewarding Jobs

Mukta Gaikwad
A rewarding career is more than earning big bucks. Read on to know what are the most rewarding jobs and what makes them so.
Vulnerable world of childhood paints pictures of the most rewarding professional life. It makes you dream of a job that pays you well, takes you places and leaves you with a fortune to live a life of glamor and fame. However, as we grow older a streak of realism makes us question our dreams to reach a conscious conclusion of a career choice.
A choice that compliments your academic pursuits and your innate interests, is indeed the one that will result in one of the most rewarding jobs for you. With a spectrum of jobs, you need to be choosy while picking a profession.

Industrial Designer

Man invented fire and then he invented the wheel. Innovations were much speedier after that, and continue to bring about development and evolution of human life. The job of an industrial designer is that of a avant garde thinker.
He is the one who designs gadgets, machines, products and ideas that change the world for the better, reducing the differences between castes, creeds, religions and boundaries. It is a job that demands analytical thinking, leadership qualities, ability to be a team player, creativity and technical knowledge.
Being an industrial designer is a combination of artistic skills and technical know-how. It most definitely is one of the top 10 best careers in the coming years, as the world is moving towards an evolved lifestyle each day.

Life Coach

Each person requires a few external factors to realize their predetermined goals. A life coach is essentially that external factor which motivates and inspires individuals to reach their final destinations. The job description of a life coach is similar to that of a sports coach.
He helps his clients to set priorities, chalk out plans, define capacities, troubleshooting and assists them in maintaining focus towards their goals. A successful life coach has the ability to listen and provide solutions while maintaining empathy towards the clients troubles.
The job of a life coach is truly a rewarding one, it gives one the power to empower and ability to bring about a change in person's thinking process for better. Nothing is more gratifying than helping those, who cannot help themselves.


They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And it sure is, when it brings out the reality without any mutations. Being a photographer is capturing a moment of truth with aesthetics and details. It isn't an easy job, but with experience and interest one can surely turn it into a rewarding career.
For those of you who love thrill and adventure, being a photo journalist is an excellent option. A reporter may get his story with a few phone calls. However, it a photo journalist who has to be at the ground zero to capture those epoch making moments.

Yoga Instructor

As more and more people are getting conscious about their unhealthy lifestyles, the need for yoga instructors is on a rise. A yoga instructor helps his students to learn the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through yoga. Besides teaching students yoga workouts and poses, he is responsible for bringing about a change in their life through daily workouts, prayers and a meditation.

Social Worker

Being a social worker is more than dressing shabbily and being unkempt. With growth and development around the globe, there is abuse of natural resources, environment and other exhaustible resources. Corruption, domestic violence, ragging, cruelty towards animals and issues such as rehabilitation of the poor are a few more causes one can stand up for.
One can also derive a good income by being a social worker as these organizations are well funded. Working for a cause you truly believe in, is the most rewarding opportunity.


A journalist is a mediator between the epoch making events and the lay men. He is the bridge that reduces the gap between fact and fiction. A job as such demands great responsibility and accountability. Careers in journalism are rewarding as they pay in kind and cash both.
Taking up a post of a journalist will expose you to a whole new world, broadening your thought. It is a career choice that includes adventure, drama, utmost honesty, integrity, drive and passion.
Besides the aforementioned jobs, every professional stream will offer you a lucrative opportunity. However, a rewarding career is when the job and monetary satisfaction is in the right combination. A job has to challenge you to do better and reach for higher goals throughout your professional innings.
Before you make a career decision make a deliberate effort to understand your skills and interests. Taking up a job that allows you to sharpen them, will definitely help you go places in your career.