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Money-making Ideas for College Students

Shashank Nakate
There are many students who opt to work part-time in summer to earn some extra cash. There are numerous options to choose from. The given money-making ideas would prove to be useful to college students.
There are several methods which students can use to earn some side income. Some of the means include working part-time, starting a small business, doing summer jobs, etc. This write-up deals with useful information pertaining to easy employment opportunities for college students.

Interesting Ideas

The ideas that are presented here should be useful for earning money, without requiring to spend much time.

Personal Caregiver

It is one of the most fulfilling ways of making some money in limited time. A personal caregiver for seniors can earn a handsome amount for the time spent in working.
Moreover, looking after senior citizens who stay away from their children is a kind of service, which provides the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile. The rates for a personal caregiver are not standardized and vary with location. However, anything around USD 12 per hour is considered to be the average rate for caregivers.
Many college students enjoy this work, since they do not find it stressful or boring. In fact, helping those who are in need gives immense satisfaction. Medical students can benefit even more from this job, since the rates for people trained in nursing, wound treatment, medical management, etc. are comparatively more.

Converting Home VHS Tapes to DVD

People like to preserve memories associated with their family and special occasions. In some families, making home movies is a tradition, and they value it a lot. Before the DVDs came into the market, VHS tapes were extensively used to store such movies. These tapes have a life of approximately 10 years.
Those who know the process of converting VHS tapes into DVDs can earn money through this activity. It is a nice way of making money for those tech-savvy students, who do not want to waste time in their summer vacations.

Part-time Summer Jobs

Private Tutor:

Working as a private tutor is an easy way to earn money. One has the freedom to choose a subject of his choice and the work timings. Moreover, private tutoring is not that stressful and could be done as a part-time job.

Copy Editor:

Copy editing involves proofreading essays, articles, etc. for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors. One can work part-time and earn enough money through this job.

Tax Preparer:

Many people need help in filing their annual returns. Such people search part-time tax preparers, who can do different tasks related to accounts (filling forms, deductions, etc.). Thus, one could try becoming a tax preparer to earn some money in summer.
These ideas will help college students in earning for their monthly expenses.