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Money-making Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Arjun Kulkarni
When kids reach teenage, they start to realize the importance of making money. The best part in money making ideas for 13 year olds is that they are also lots of fun.
At the age of 13, children officially turn into teens and there's a sudden urge in them to prove that they are all grown up. One of the most important parts of trying to establish their adulthood is to start earning. However little be the amount that they earn, they are psyched with the idea of making money and contributing to the family income.
But then again, they aren't quite ready to face the stresses that an adult job comes with. So, it's important that they start slowly and steadily. Parental guidance and support is also crucial to foster the interest of the child in his/her money-making endeavors.
From the point of view of the parents too, it's beneficial that the child learns the importance of every penny and the painstaking effort that goes into earning it.
It is pointless for kids to do something they don't like. Hence, it's necessary that parents, and the kids themselves, analyze their likes and dislikes and come up with the best money making ideas which they will enjoy doing.


Pick a subject which you are good at. So, if you like mathematics, science, or even arts and crafts, you could make a few bucks by teaching these subjects to your classmates or kids that are younger than you.
Teaching jobs are not only restricted to school subjects though. If you are good at writing or sports, you could take classes for those too. This is also one of the best ideas for 15 year old kids, as they will have a lot more knowledge in the subject and will be able to teach better.

Summer Camp Volunteers

With all the schools closed, summer comes with several job opportunities for kids. One great idea is to be a volunteer at a summer camp. The younger lot (7-9 years) start going for their camping trips, so a 13 year old could be a good senior camping volunteer.

Simple Ticketing Jobs

One of the simplest jobs, and one which is routinely done by teens, is ticketing and ticket checking. You have probably seen a lot of kids working as ticket checkers at theaters or amusement parks. This is because it's one of the best ideas for teenagers to make some money.


Babysitting is simple, and it's a kids' thing anyway. It's one of the better ideas for girls, as they are better with children than boys. So, when your neighbors go out for a nice dinner outside on a Saturday night, you could go and make a killing with this fantastic job.
Remember to charge on the hour, as if the parents come home a bit late, you can make a buck or two more.

Online Jobs

These jobs are simple. Most of them are data-entry jobs and all you need is a basic understanding of how Microsoft Office works.
It comes quite close to an adult job, sounds pretty cool, and makes a lot of money too. You could also do a simple content writing job. One of the ideas to earn money for 13 year olds is blogging. You could tap up the Google AdSense program to help you make more money.

Delivery Boy/Girl

One of the most common ideas is doing a delivery job. You could get a job with your local paper, milk, pizza, or courier delivery company. But make sure you get your job in one of the better neighborhoods so that you get a better tip.

Working at a Supermarket or a Restaurant

These jobs will give a very realistic work experience to kids. They will learn how to handle a tough, angry client and how to effectively sell things. It is by no means simple work, but a very relevant one for kids where they stand to learn a lot.
These money making ideas for kids combine two very important things: an experience of a real adult job and the fun of earning.