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Medical Social Worker Job Description

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Are you interested in taking up social work as career? If yes, you might be interested in knowing the job description of a medical social worker.
Ailing individuals do not always need medications and treatment to get their lives back on track. Oftentimes, support, counseling is of as much importance as medical treatment. Many hospitals and private clinics have sensed the need for professionals who are skilled at understanding such patients and determined to help them.
As a result, medical social working has emerged as a separate career entity. In this story we have listed some of the medical social worker duties and responsibilities. But, before that it would be interesting to know how one can become a medical social worker.

How to Become a Medical Social Worker

Earlier, there were no specific educational requirements for those who wanted to work as medical social workers. People interested in community service often volunteered for such work.
However, as the incidences of child abuse, addiction, poverty related illnesses began rising, there was an acute need of professionals who were skilled at handling such delicate issues. As these issues do not often conform to the standard medical treatment, doctors and nurses are not adept to deal with such issues.
At such times, individuals who are especially trained for such situations can provide great deal of help and support to such patients. These days, medical social workers are required to complete a Masters in Social Working (MSW).
To be able to work as a professional medical social worker, they need to take up an exam for obtaining a license from the National Council of Licensure. You need at least two years of working experience as an intern to become eligible for a license.

Medical Social Worker Job Description

The job of a medical social worker involves working with people of all age groups. These are the people who need care beyond medical treatment. They need emotional support, understanding of their situation and assistance to get on a normal life again. A social worker imparts 1 on 1 counseling or sometimes a group therapy to people facing similar problems.
Clinical social worker job description involves understanding situation, evaluating it and taking a decision regarding what can be done to improve it. Victims of child abuse, rape are often the most difficult to heal. A social worker gets familiar with their issue and delicately handles the matter. She may make further referrals for better improvement of the victim's condition.
Besides, people fighting chronic, traumatic illnesses often need assurance that they will someday be able to lead a normal life. The social worker has to do everything in her capacity to make such patients emotionally strong. Similarly, poverty stricken families, addicted patients come with a whole new set of problems.
These people often lack resources to start a normal life. It is the duty of a social worker to arrange for financial aid, employment or housing for such people. The social worker must also arrange for the education of small children, if involved. Thus, a social worker does everything to settle the affected individuals or families.
Medical social worker also performs tasks such as providing access to medical care to backward sections of the society and generating awareness among people regarding proper health care. She may also deal with social issues such as teenage pregnancies, child adoptions etc. All in all, the job of a medical social worker is indeed versatile and sometimes emotionally draining.
Thus, a medical social worker must be able to handle such diverse working conditions. She should be mentally and emotionally in sound condition. Medical social workers may have to work under unfavorable circumstances. Besides, the working hours may not be fixed.
They can work in various settings such as large hospitals, community settings, private clinics etc. Their remuneration also varies according to the facility where they work. Average median income for medical social worker is $63,000. However, large hospitals in metropolitan cities may offer salary as high as $80,000.
Thus, the job of a medical social worker is diverse, interesting and full of responsibilities. This is an exciting career for anyone who wishes to contribute towards society.