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Medical Jobs from Home

Rahul Pandita
There are certain jobs in the healthcare industry that can be taken up by people who want to work from home. Let us take a look at some of these jobs.
A lot of people prefer working from the confines of their home. Working from home has certain advantages as it gives people an opportunity to be their own boss and set up their own working hours.
The results of the numerous surveys show that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who want to work from home. This has encouraged companies from different fields to offer jobs to freelance workers.
As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, there are some jobs that you can take up from your home. Most of these jobs are concerned with medical transcription and billing. While these jobs may not pay you as well as working in a live environment, but these can definitely act as a passive source of income for you.

Medical Jobs in Demand

Medical Transcriptionist

According to the United States Department of Labor, this industry offers some of the top paying medical jobs and it is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Medical transcriptionists (MTs) are responsible for documenting the information pertaining to a patient.
The MT translates the recordings from doctors and writes it in a text-format. One needs to have a high school diploma and a medical transcription program which is usually a six-month course to start working as an MT. The average salary of a medical transcriptionist who has less than one year experience is around USD 29,000 per year.

Nursing Jobs

Ideally, a nursing job involves working with the patient, but telecommuting has ensured that one can take care of the concerns of patients while working from home. The most common nursing jobs from home is working as a telephone triage representative. The job requires you to help patients who need medical advice on the available treatment options.

Medical Coders

Medical coders handle the financial aspect of healthcare industry. They encode healthcare records of a patient; and organize and compile them in a text format so that insurance companies know the treatment received and the cost incurred. As medical coders' role does not include dealing with patients, many of them work from home and earn about USD 40,000 p.a.

Counselors & Therapists

Counseling is one of the best careers in the medical field as not only does it pay well, but it also provides maximum job satisfaction. Counselors help people with various therapies to overcome their phobias, fears, anxiety and help them gain control over their lives. You can counsel patients at your home as a lot of therapies are behavioral in nature.
These were some medical careers for people who want to work from home. These jobs serve both purposes; they ensure that you work from your home and pay good enough to allow a financially secure life. They are a viable source of income for many people, however there are certain challenges that you may face if you are working from home. Let us take a look.
  • While working with a hospital, you are entitled to staff insurance schemes, bonuses etc. which one does not get while working from home.
  • You do the same work over a period of time as there are lesser chances of promotions.
  • People who work in an organization have better chances of developing new skills as compared to people who work from home.
Despite these few drawbacks, medical jobs from home are in great demand and this industry is all set to expand in the coming years. So, if you are pondering over the idea of taking a medical job from home, rest assured that you are choosing a secure and a rewarding career.