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Medical Esthetician

Chandramita Bora
A medical esthetician is a skin care specialist who works in a medical setting with patients who have received significant trauma to the skin due to a medical procedure, or an accident or illness. Find out more about this job and career opportunities available in this filed, through this write-up.
Medical estheticians are concerned with maintaining and improving the appearance of patients, who have received trauma or injuries to their skin.
Their jobs differ from 'estheticians' in the sense that they work in a medical setting with patients who have damaged skin during a medical procedure, or due to an accident or illness. They are skin care specialists with a license to practice skin care. In future, this branch of cosmetology is expected to witness fast growth with ample career opportunities.

Medical Esthetician Job Description

They work in a medical setting with patients receiving significant injuries to the skin and provide skin care services to such individuals to improve their appearance. They have to analyze the skin or the skin condition of the patients. In cosmetic procedures, they are responsible for giving special massage, and skin treatment to reduce the bruising.
They can carry out procedures, like chemical peel, dermabrasion, microdermabrasions, and laser therapy, depending on the type and the extent of the skin injury. At times, they have to inform their patients about facial skin care techniques, like massage, and also about cosmetics that can be used at home for proper skin care.
Along with treating skin problems, they are often required to understand the psychological issues that some patients can have. They may need to boost the morale of such patients, and consider their needs while treating the specific skin problem.


They need to have special skills and knowledge in skin care and cosmetology. They must have adequate knowledge about skin analysis and treatment, massage, makeup application, cosmetics, use of anesthesia, and hair removal. These courses are usually included in their training and education programs. One needs to complete a program in cosmetology for this job.
First of all, one has to complete a high school diploma or a general education degree (GED) or its equivalent, and then earn a degree in cosmetology.
The next step is to acquire practical knowledge in this field, and so, after earning a degree in cosmetology, one needs to complete about 600 hours of training from a school approved by the state agency. After completing the training program, one can appear in the written and practical examinations conducted by the state cosmetology board.


Compared to other estheticians, they can earn a much higher salary. Like any other profession, the salary can be influenced by factors, like the type of employer, years of experience, and the industry in which one is working. Those working in the plastic surgery industry are likely to get better pay scale.
On an average, one can expect to earn a salary of US$ 39,900 per annum. The usual salary range can be between US$ 26,000 and US$ 58,400. Along with salary, a person working in this field may earn commissions, which can increase with the years of experience. Also, they may earn commissions on the skin care products they sell to their customers.
A medical esthetician can get a job in a skin care clinic, or medical spa or practice privately. To achieve success, you need to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments in cosmetology and skin care. Anyone working in this field should know the latest technologies and equipment developed for skin treatment to expect growth in his or her career.