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Medical Career Information

Stephen Rampur
A career in medicine, as a topic, is widely discussed among the masses. Everyone has a certain view and has something to add. A long-term career in medicine is widely sought after...
People have different views about a medical career. Some think that getting into the medical field is to end up as a doctor or a nurse.
However, there are numerous positions apart from doctors and nurses, like medical and clinical lab technicians, medical writers, music and art therapists, health educators, hearing therapists, medical illustrators and interpreters, physicians, and radiographers.
It has many wonderful opportunities for people who have an interest in the field, want to serve people, and earn good money at the same time. It provides job security with a considerable income, as medical professionals are scarce and in great demand. 
As the field of medicine has a wide scope, one can choose his specialization according to his interest. Moreover, it is considered recession proof and is not affected by any such financial crisis.
A person in the medical field is looked at with great respect, as all medical professionals serve people irrespective of their race, religion, or caste. Individuals working in this sector truly need to be dedicated towards their duty.
There may be emergencies, wherein medical professionals may be called upon, even at three in the morning. Let's know about some of the top career opportunities that are available.

Doctors or Physicians

A doctor or a physician is a person who is responsible for diagnosing illnesses, recommending treatments and prescribing medicines.
One can be a doctor in any medical specialization such as surgery, dentistry, or as an ear, nose, throat, and eye specialist.
Physicians take care of the basic needs of a patient, and are required to attend four years of medical training after college, and normally work for over 60 hours a week. They carry out their duties with the help of nurses or medical assistants. Becoming a doctor is not easy, one has to be persevere in studies and complete the needed qualifications.


Nurses are well known for their undying support for patients and dedication towards their jobs. These professions are very much in demand, due to their availability and higher salary. Their duty is to manage, record, and treat patients. They are aware of patients' health as they conduct medical tests and are in direct contact with them.
They also help doctors and surgeons in complex procedures and operations, and keep patients' records updated. To become a nurse, you need a 'registered nurse' certification which can be obtained through a bachelor's or an associate's degree, or through vocational certification. 
Some nurses may be licensed as 'nurse practitioners', who can carry on with their duties without the supervision of a doctor. A nurse is required to work in shifts and on weekends, depending on the facility she works in. Nowadays, even men join nursing and have proved to be as proficient.

Dietitians or Nutritionists

A dietitian or nutritionist guides patients in their daily diet. They encourage the patient to comply with healthy eating habits. A bachelor's degree in the field of food and diet is required to become a dietitian. They prepare meal schedule and recommend special recipes for patients with any food-related problem, diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

An EMT is a certified medical professional who serves in an emergency crew like the paramedic team.
When there is a medical emergency like a road accident or a heart attack, they are the first ones to step in. An EMT is required to be alert in every situation, and has to take on-the-spot decisions quickly and confidently. Their main responsibility is to take the patient from the accident spot to the hospital safely while treating him along the way.
For becoming an EMT, there are various levels of professional training one has to go through; like EMT-basic, EMT-intermediate, and EMT-paramedic. In USA, every state requires an EMT to be certified by the 'National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians'. Their working hours are not fixed, as they may have to work for longer hours in case of emergencies.
There are many more positions in medical field. To join this field, one should possess necessary qualifications and is also required to undergo specialized medical training. With so many career opportunities available in the medical field, and the added satisfaction of serving humanity, surely many of you would seriously consider a profession in this area.