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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs from Home

Ujwal Deshmukh
Want to be a part of the rapidly growing medical industry and earn money from home? If yes, then this write-up has some useful information for you.
The medical industry is experiencing a boom in the United States and this is the reason why jobs in this industry are on the rise.
There were some amendments in the legislation in the last decade, which made it compulsory to maintain records pertaining to diagnostics and treatments in order to track insurance payments and also complex medical records of all the bills. As you move on, you will come to know about the concept of home medical billing and coding jobs.

Concept of Medical Billing

Medical billing is an activity which involves submission of insurance claims to the insurance organizations or directly to the government of United States. This is done in order to get the payments for the services provided by a doctor or other health service providers.
Many insurance organizations nowadays, prefer to provide work from home medical billing services, as these are more reliable in terms of accuracy than the traditional paper bills. Therefore, as a medical billing personnel, your job includes providing e-billing services to dentists, doctors, and many other professionals, in order to claim the right amount.
Preparing e-bills is not that difficult, as you will get a medical billing software. The bills that you prepare are sent to insurance companies for verification, evaluation and payments. Apart from providing e-billing services, you also need to work on the rejected claims, keep a follow-up of them, and keep a record of the billing accounts of patients.


In order to start these services, you have to undergo proper training. Training modules are available online and you can refer to them.
Training is a vital necessity as there are many terminologies, codes, rules, and regulations in the medical insurance sector which are otherwise unknown to the common man. Knowledge and understanding of the whole list of medical insurance jargon, will help you work efficiently.
On completing your training, you can advertise your services to the health-care service providers either by e-mailing them or meeting them in person.

How to work for Medical Billing from Home?

A stepwise description of work will make it more easy for you to understand the procedure of medical billing from home.
  • The first step is receiving bills from the medical service providers.
  • Now, as you receive the bills, your first task is verifying the information.
This should be done by referring to various databases that contain information such as the doctor's or the physician's information, the entire practice information, information on the demographics of the patient, diagnostic and procedural codes, information about the insurance and the claim.
  • The next step is to fill all this information into the medical billing software.
  • After updating the information, you need to submit it to the insurance organization.
  • On submitting all the details, you need to keep a follow-up unless the insurance company makes the payments and sends the receipts. If at all, the insurance claim is denied or rejected by the insurance organization, you then have to investigate it with them and find out the appropriate reasons.
  • On receiving the receipts, you need to update the receipt details into the medical billing software, in order to maintain the patient's and the doctor's accounts.
  • Next, you have to send the receipts to the health service provider's office for further verification of the insurance details.
  • The final step is to send the invoice to the patient through mail.

Concept of Medical Coding

As a service provider for medical coding, your main task is to ensure the proper and timely financial reimbursement of the payments received from the private as well as the government insurance organizations. It also involves the preparation and recording of reports pertaining to tracking diseases and other health related problems.


Training of all the medical insurances, procedural and diagnostic codes, and obtaining a certification of the same is the most important requirement to become a professional medical coder. You can consider going to a technical school or even refer to the online syllabus that imparts training on such services.
Moreover, once you gain some experience and become an expert, you can also move on to become a consultant to make patients understand the various insurance laws and their importance.

How to work for Medical Coding from Home

As a work at home medical coding service provider, you have to capture data concerning the patient's disease, the examination reports of labs and diagnosis, and also the information on the treatment that the patient has undergone.
Now, performing this task is not possible unless you have the proper knowledge of the procedural and diagnostic codes. Apart from capturing data, you will also have to render services such as administration work and research and development in areas such as patient care.


Ah! We have finally come to this part. Your annual income could range from USD 25000 - USD 64000, depending upon the number of transactions you have made and also whether you have received a certification to do this work.
Medical billing and coding can be done by anyone from home. The only things you need are proper training and certification, a computer and a medical billing software that ranges from USD 300 - USD 15000. You have to choose how much to invest in the software. Identify the volume of work and the amount of money that you will be able to make in initial days.
So, if you are really interested in medical billing and coding jobs from home, start taking steps in this direction and fetch that extra income that you've always been searching for!