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Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Ujwal Deshmukh
Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing careers these days. They are becoming popular because of their benefits and income levels. This write-up discusses some of the aspects related to medical billing and coding.
Medical billing and coding jobs are an output of the legislative amendments that were made in the last decade. These amendments made it compulsory to maintain records of medical billing and claims, insurance claims, insurance payments and many such complicated records of the medical world.
This made it necessary for the medical service providers to preserve all such medical records and therefore they started outsourcing this work to many people who were in search of some extra income and ready to do this type of work.
This reduced the sudden increase in the workload on the medical service providers and ensured prompt and correct payments made by the insurance companies to the patients. Part-time services of billing and coding rendered by many people in the recent past, have transformed and become big enough to be called medical billing and coding careers.

Concept of Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing:

Medical billing services are defined as the procedure of submitting insurance claims to government insurance organizations as well as private insurance organizations.
This includes receiving medical records from service providers like doctors and health care companies, verifying and filing the information, sending it to the concerned insurance company, keeping a follow-up, receiving the payment receipts and sending them to service providers, preparing an invoice for all the documents and then mailing them to the patient.

Medical Coding:

Medical coding assures the correct and timely financial reimbursement of all insurance payments made by the insurance company and creation of reports dealing with the tracking of diseases and other health disorders.

Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Obviously, medical billing and coding are not jobs that can be done by anyone without proper training and knowledge of all the medical insurance terms. Therefore if you want to pursue a career in this field, you need to complete medical billing and coding training. Today there are many online medical billing and coding programs available on the Internet.
Also, many training institutes offer classroom training programs in this field. Generally a medical billing and coding program includes training in diagnostic coding, processing of insurance claims, concepts and terminologies associated with medical insurance, follow-up techniques and various other procedures that one has to follow while doing the job.

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

In order to pursue a hassle-free career, it is very much necessary to get a certification which denotes that you are a certified medical biller and coder and you have the knowledge of all the medical insurance terms and the various codes associated with it.
The authority that issues the certificate is, The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). By being a certified medical biller and coder, you can advertise your services to many health care organizations who would prefer outsourcing their work to you.

Benefits of Medical Billing and Coding

  • Medical billing and coding jobs can be done at home while continuing with your regular job or business.
  • The salary is also considerably good and falls in the range of about $25,000 - $63,000 annually. The larger your business volume is, the higher is the salary.
  • The prerequisites are also not much. All you need is a certification, a medical billing software and a computer to start the job.
Hope this information on medical billing and coding careers was useful to you. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!