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Medical Administrative Specialist Job Description

Kundan Pandey
In the recent years, the profession of medical administrative specialists has assumed great significance in the medical fraternity, almost parallel to medical assistant jobs. In this story, we will learn more about the same.
Given the complexity of medical jobs and the last hour rush in hospitals, especially during emergency cases, the presence of skilled human force to take care of patients is of utmost importance. The need to handle various technical and administrative duties in a hospital or health care clinic has grown dramatically in the past couple of years.
So, let us learn more in detail about chief features of a medical administrative specialist's job.

Job Description

While the medical industry is expected to recruit quality surgeons and medical experts, the talent, skill and qualities of entry-level medical staff can't be compromised as well. In hospital settings, health care clinics and medical offices, the requirement for trained medical administrators has risen in the recent years.
Designated as medical administrative specialists, these medical professionals are aware of the nitty gritty of office administration besides being efficient in handling technical/medical aspects of hospital administration work.
The scope and extent of duties entailed in this medical administration job may appear to be simple, but it is a key position and requires multi-tasking skills in a candidate.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Scheduling patient appointment methodically and in an organized way.
  • Update the notice boards as per the instructions of the medical expert in charge.
  • Handle tasks related to insurance information of patients.
  • Helping new patients in filling up forms and explaining them the various terms and conditions stated in the form.
  • Should be aware of bookkeeping principles and word processing software.
  • Ability to type medical correspondence.
  • Must be aware about insurance coding information to guide patients in the right way.
  • Look after collection of payments.
  • Awareness about medical terminology is a great skill as it helps in lucid communication amongst the team members.
  • Handle phone calls for surgeons when they're busy.

Educational Qualifications

Students aspiring to enter in this field must possess a GED or a high school diploma with a proper training in any of the following programs; Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, or Medical Secretary programs.
 It is good to get a certification or diploma in the aforementioned programs from accredited institutions as that makes it easier in applying for state licenses or certifications. 
While most of the states don't have any licensing or certification laws, several states do demand candidates to pass the medical administrative specialist national examination to prove their competence.
The national exam for Certified Medical Administrative Specialist (CMAS) is conduced by the American Medical Technologies (AMT). Good computer skills are essential as computer awareness is important in this profession.

Key Personality Skills

  • Outgoing, polite and friendly in nature.
  • Patience in handling stressfEarning Potential
    ul situations.
  • Good reading, writing and oral communication skills.
  • Must be a fast learner and interested in learning new laws, insurance and medical rules.
  • Proactive in delegating duties to supporting staff members.
  • Strong decision-making skills.
  • Attention to detail.

Earning Potential

The entry-level salary in this field is between US$37,000 to US$47,000. Those with years of work experience can expect to make as high as US$60,000. When compared relative to other entry-level medical staff positions in the health care sector, the medical administrative specialist salaries are very competent.
Building good contacts with doctors and medical professionals is also essential because at administrative positions, recommendations can work wonders.
Being a relatively new area in the medical staff unit, this unique designation presents bright opportunities for candidates to escalate up the ladder in the field of hospital administration and management. Being at the grass root level management, one is exposed to various intricacies of the job and hence it gives the candidates a great exposure.
It is a rewarding position for those seeking administrative jobs in hospital units. The initial years may seem to be hectic with loads of duties and responsibilities but the experience one gains is very valuable and helps in boosting the career in later years.