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Massage Therapist Job Description

Stephen Rampur
One of the primary duties in the massage therapist job description is to carry out professional massage and similar body treatments on clients...
A massage therapist is a professional who is adept in administering a variety of massage therapies on clients. They provide their services in informal settings or professionals facilities. Due to day-to-day stress and tension, more people are preferring to go through specialized massage therapies, therefore the demand for these experts is increasing.
This career opportunity is very good for women, as a majority of therapists are females.
Therapists can be self employed or be hired by health and wellness facilities, hotels, and physical therapy settings, spas and beauty centers, sports institutions, rehabilitation settings, and almost all places where massage is offered as a service.

How to Become a Massage Therapist

The first step is to find a good school with a relevant program. Most programs are of 500 - 600 hours duration. Do a research on the licensing prerequisites in your respective state, as rules may differ as per state. Remember to enroll in a course which enables you to be eligible for licensing and certification requirements.
Check if your state requires a national certification or one from 'Federation of Massage State Boards'. In case you plan to start a small business of massage therapy, you might also need to obtain the business license for that purpose.

Job Description

A massage therapist is responsible for giving massages and other body treatments to customers. As a part of her duties, she is also required to inform and educate customers regarding supplementary massages and rehabilitative exercises which can be done at home. She is well versed with the products, oils, and lotions that are used in the therapy.
A person working in massage therapy job usually has to follow various sanitary procedures and keep the room and facility clean. In order to determine the type of massage suitable for the client she has to discuss with the customer regarding physical condition, previous medical treatments and therapies, etc.
She then has to study the condition and suggest treatment plans appropriate for the client. Depending on customers' requirements, she may need to consult with other health care professionals like chiropractors and physiotherapists regarding treatment routines.
They have to be aware of body pressure points, soft tissue condition, joint function, muscle problems, and other important aspects. They also need to have knowledge about the use of infrared lamps, wet compresses, and other equipment necessary for massage therapies.
They keep a detailed record of the therapies used on clients. Sports therapists work with athletes and sportsmen to better their skill, and help recover from injuries as soon as possible.
If you are wondering what lead massage therapists are; they have to recruit, train, and supervise the massage therapist team members. A school is a good source for acquiring more information regarding the requirements for entering this profession.