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Job Description of a Marketing Teacher

Kundan Pandey
Being a marketing teacher can be an ideal profession for anyone who loves to explore, research and most importantly, teach. Continued ahead is some information about this growing profession.
Are you young and brimming with ideas and fascinated by the world of marketing? Here opens avenues of marketing teacher jobs for you. Believe me, if you have interest in teaching, this profession can quench your intellectual thirst to the core.
With numerous B schools in and around US and even business becoming a major subject in high school, career opportunities for a marketing teacher have increased to tremendous levels.

Job of a Marketing Teacher

Teaching marketing is all about sharing your in-depth experience and knowledge with students. It's a fascinating job, if you love the subject and of course, teaching.

Job Duties

Marketing is such an interesting field that teachers will rarely have a boring time in this profession. It's all about ideas and creativity. Numerous job responsibilities of a marketing teacher have been discussed further
  • Prepare interesting lectures for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students on various topics related to marketing core and its related fields.
  • Evaluate and award grades to students based on their assignments, creativity and level of efforts put in classes.
  • Assign tasks related to marketing like conducting surveys and guide students in such pursuits.
  • Initiate and make classroom discussions an interesting task. Teach students about numerous dimensions of good communication skills.
  • Get them engaged in some active listening activities and make them aware about its crucial importance.
  • Visit colleges, schools and universities on regular basis. Maintain attendance of students and record their behavior.
  • Be a voracious reader and keep abreast with latest developments in fields related to marketing and its effects on modern society. Reading current literature is expected.
  • Be an active participant in numerous professional marketing seminars of the biggies in this field. Deduce trends of modern-day marketing, introduce them to the students.
  • Teach industry oriented concepts of marketing research and marketing tools to students by giving real life examples of marketing.
  • Prepare excellent reading material for students by research and analysis. Suggest them possible reading materials.
  • Participate in campus recruitment tests and even teach candidates how to present themselves as potential marketing employees.
  • Act as consultant to the government and private agencies for creative marketing ideas.
  • Collaborate with industry professionals to help students understand core concepts of marketing strategies.
  • Perform all administrative services related to the department and solve related queries.

General Requirements

I have seen some of my friends studying in business schools in complete awe of their professors. As a mark of respect, they even attach the epithet 'God-level-profs' to describe their professors. Education and training for marketing teachers varies extensively
  • In US, marketing concepts are introduced in high school, so, a marketing teacher for a high school must have at least a bachelor's degree in marketing and related subjects.
  • For graduate and postgraduate students, marketing professor's (they're generally not called teachers) education has no limits. A PhD or a doctorate with years of teaching experience is generally the trend these days.
  • Extensive knowledge about computers is essential. This doesn't mean a marketing teacher has to be a gadget freak, it just means good computer literacy is important.
  • Industry professionals who have many years of work experience are often hired as guest lecturers in B schools and even colleges.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Good knowledge of various interrelated subjects. Even financial accounting knowledge is essential to do fairly well as a teacher in marketing.
A marketing teacher's salary ranges between US$50,000 to US$106,000 yearly. However, like various professions, it depends on numerous factors viz.,work experience, area of location and educational qualifications.
So if you have the required skills and you're interested in this profession, don't forget to forward your resume to educational institutes of your interest. Feel young by enlightening some brilliant minds of the nation! Wish you all the best!