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Marketing Manager Job Description

Stephen Rampur

This write-up provides information about the job description of a marketing manager.
Marketing is a very important concept that has to be followed by all companies in order to let their potential consumers know about their products and services.
Marketing is a field that is exploited by every company; be it any industry such as manufacturing, software development, medical, educational, etc. Since it is an important aspect to be considered and executed, there is a requirement for the process to be carried out by responsible and talented professionals.
These professionals are known as sales and marketing managers. They carry out a large number of tasks and projects, which depend on the company they are employed in, and the brand or product they have to promote.

Job Description

Their primary duty is to formulate the content of marketing mix and put forth an effective marketing plan. He/she keeps in touch with the management to develop marketing strategies to launch company products.
The person also has to keep an eye on the current state of the market and the details of the competitors in the same class. Before the finalization of the marketing plan, he/she has to conduct an exhaustive market research that will help in the advertising and promotional campaign of the product.
A marketing manager supervises the daily work of sales, marketing, advertising, and product promotion executives. He has to evaluate the plans and strategies on the basis of return on investment (ROI). He also has to discuss with the management about the pricing strategies and budget of the marketing campaigns.
The job description consists of overseeing whether the product is advertised effectively through all the decided sources of media such as television, newspapers, handouts, magazines, etc.
He has to oversee all the components of the product life cycle management. Researching on methods to improve or meliorate the quality and efficiency of current products and services of the company, is also one of his/her major duties.
However, the web marketing manager simply handles and oversees the assignments that are related to Internet marketing.

Salary Range

In the majority of the cases, the salary depends on the additional incentives and benefits. Professionals who have been promoted recently may get an annual salary of $50,000 to $110,000. Those with one to four years of experience are eligible for a salary of approximately $37,000 to $83,000 per annum.
Like in any other sector, the salary goes on increasing as per the level of experience, expertise, and the company's progress. Another significant aspect that has an impact on the salary range is the state and city of employment. California tops the list of highest paid states for marketing managers with an annual pay range of about $40,000 to $92,000.
Today, marketing professionals are one of the well paid individuals in the industry. Also, note that the aforementioned salaries are an estimate figure and are subject to change as per financial conditions.