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Marketing Coordinator Job Description

Kundan Pandey

Looking forward to work as a Marketing Coordinator? Read up ahead to know about a this job profile description, which includes a wide range of activities including reporting to the head to assessing plans.
The domain and range of activities in the marketing field is limitless. A whooping amount of money is spent by business enterprises in making their products available in the market.
As a result, it forms a core department of every production, manufacturing, and industrial firm. Since it has been emerging to be a differentiator in the success of a product, career opportunities in this field have grown by leaps and bounds. Also, the competition has increased drastically.
A marketing coordinator job description will help you understand this term better, and also help you decide if this could be the career for you.

Job Description

Marketing coordinators are professionals whose main job is concerned with providing assistance to the marketing team. The most important part of the job is that he has to look after every aspect of the work.
He has to work collaterally with other teams and suggest them ways and methods that can help the firm to achieve targets and give maximum output in a stipulated period of time.
Another vital part is concerned with analysis of customer satisfaction. He chalks out his plans only after he is well-aware of customers needs and satisfaction levels. If, during analysis, he finds that the strategies and plans don't have the potential to be converted into a successful campaign, he switches to some other plans or modifies existing plans.
These also include work activities pertaining to designing adequate sales program that can help a firm achieve its sales and production targets for a particular period.


Being at the helm of planning and managing activities, marketing coordinator duties include:
  • To execute and analyze the success of the campaigns and advertisements.
  • Work with the market research team to develop case studies, templates, customer appreciation letters, and interpret customer purchasing statistics.
  • Develop realistic strategies, objectives, targets, and measures.
  • Manage online campaigns and publish write ups on blogs and social networking websites.
  • Build a score system for evaluating the quality of a product.
  • Participate in press meetings, product launch, and writing press releases.
  • Develop monthly updates of pricing sheets, date sheets, and keep an update about price changes.
  • Manage newsletters and use latest technology for achieving a greater audience.
  • Represent the firm in corporate events, industrial meets, trade shows, and conferences.

Skills and Educational Requirements

This career demands excellent multitasking abilities and superb oral and written communication skills. The basic requirement is fluency and deftness in communication skills, so, anybody aspiring to be a professional in this field must develop very good written and verbal communication skills.
A master's degree in marketing is necessary for pursuing various careers. A candidate who is well-aware of various tools and techniques and knows what this field entails is always preferred by firms. If the aspirant possesses good work experience in the concerned field, he stands a better chance of qualifying for the job.
Salaries in this profession vary depending on the work location, experience, educational qualifications, and employer type. The average salary may range between US$ 30,900 and US$ 56,400 per year.
This field demands an extensive work schedule and is a formal entry into the broad field of marketing. There is continuous learning opportunity, as he works in collaboration with various teams in the department. The career development path in this field is immense, and so it has bright prospects for hardworking and determined candidates.