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Marketing Assistant Job Description

Leena Palande
Interested in the challenging field of marketing? This write-up includes the job description of a marketing assistant, and also has a look at related aspects like educational requirements and remuneration.
As a marketing assistant, an individual will be assisting and implementing all the marketing strategies of the company. While doing his duties, he has to keep in mind that he will be expected to develop various elements essential for the 'growth' of the company.
The work mainly includes planning and research to help develop the marketing strategies of the company.
A marketing assistant generally works under the supervision of a marketing manager. He usually has to carry out several tasks to facilitate various campaign drives for the company. He invariably plays an important role in supporting and managing the business.

Education and Qualification

  • Associate Degree in Business Administration or Marketing.
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or Marketing.
  • Business Diploma (from an accredited university).

Skills Required

  • Good project management skills.
  • Sound knowledge of marketing principles.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of new technologies, and the ability of applying them to marketing principles.
  • Ability to work individually and handle self-driven projects efficiently.
  • Conversant with report writing, business procedures, and correspondence.
  • Ability to establish good relations with all levels of employees.
  • First-class copyright skills, and the ability to use various technical aspects of the marketing theory for a wide range of customers.
  • Strong knowledge of products in the market and products of the company, along with knowledge of the types of consumers.
  • Time management, fixing priorities, organizing skills, attentiveness, and accuracy in performance.
  • Statistical knowledge for analyzing systems and data for suggesting quick solutions for problems.
  • Effective presentation of information, and strong spoken language skills for responding to questions from managers, clients and the general public.


  • A marketing assistant should be self-motivated. He has to work under stress for meeting project deadlines. He should pay minute attention to every detail from the very beginning.
  • He may have to write and design marketing material including articles, brochures, presentations, press releases, company newsletters, event announcements, trade show passes, thank you letters, etc.
  • A marketing assistant also has to assist in various seminars and trade shows. For this, he should have sound knowledge of logistics.
  • He has to track projects and maintain business line marketing calendars.
  • He will be the mediator between advertising agencies and the company.
  • He has to track payments or refunds and registration forms for events, etc.
  • He needs to arrange catered events for client visits and staff events, along with dinners, beach parties, happy hours, picnics, etc.

Salary Range

As the job description may vary from field (area of work) to field, the salary range may also vary according to the qualifications, location, employee credentials, years of experience, employer's capacity, type and size of the organization, and negotiation skills.
Entry-level salary is comparatively lower. Marketing assistants are required by the film industry, hotel industry, retail industry, automobile industry, logistic companies, software companies, etc. As such, the salary range will vary from industry to industry.
At entry level, a marketing assistant can earn anywhere between $28,000 - $48,000. Those with 1 - 2 years of experience can earn around $31,000 - $56,000. Candidates with a few years of experience and high level of educational qualifications can draw around $30,000 - $61,000. In a big company, located in a big city, the average salary is around $38,000.
A marketing assistant can reach a higher administrative level quickly by achieving targets and contributing towards the fast growth of the company.