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Maintenance Supervisor Salary

Veethi Telang
Maintenance supervisors play an important role in ensuring that the operations run smoothly and without any breakdowns. This write-up illustrates the median salary figures that one can expect in this occupation.
A maintenance supervisor is in charge of keeping buildings, apartments, aircraft, landscapes, etc., safe and sound, and manages a team that takes care of not only the exteriors, but also the interiors of construction systems.
He is well aware of the laws that administer tenant relations, and ensures full compliance with the same. It is one of the most crucial duties to keep up with the supervision of one or multiple properties, and perform many duties himself.
The structure of his team depends on the size of the project, and hence, for this reason, the supervisor may have one or more assistants to work for him. Here is all about how much you get paid to be a maintenance supervisor.

Pay Scale

These professionals work in various fields, hence salaries of which vary in accordance with the field one chooses to work with. However, according to reliable sources on the web, their average pay scale has been recorded as USD 64,498 annually. Well, that also depends upon the number of years of experience, and the region one chooses to serve in.
With increasing experience, larger properties come under supervision, and property managers create their teams on the basis of the size of the project they're working in. Naturally, the pay is much higher for a manager or supervisor who has a decent number of employees working under him.
Mean annual wages of maintenance supervisors according to their streams are - 
  • Landscape and Ground - USD 60,800
  • Facility and Apartment - USD 42,127
  • Aircraft - USD 75,940
  • Equipment - USD 79,363
  • Electronic Systems - USD 89,652

Educational Qualifications

Simply stated, a professional certification in engineering or a technical field is a prerequisite for carrying out the many responsibilities in this field. Some employers require supervisors to have an HVAC certification. In addition, 3 - 5 years of experience in property maintenance is definitely an advantage.
Note that, a beginner can easily get through property maintenance with a high school diploma. However, for bigger projects one needs to have good experience. In addition, good communication and leadership skills, and knowledge of maintenance practices and processes is a must.
Lastly, annual performance bonuses increase at a rate of 8 - 10 percent per annum. With awesome career opportunities, increasing with one's experience, you have all the reasons to get into this management field, if you're looking forward to a bright future.