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Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

Rahul Pandita
Do you want to know the responsibilities of a maintenance supervisor? Read this story to find out more about this job role.
A maintenance supervisor is a person who is responsible for overseeing the work of the maintenance staff in an organization. While these professionals are needed in all fields, their job assumes utmost importance in manufacturing units, automobile sector, heavy-duty industries, and other processing units.
Apart from supervising the workers, they may also be required to train the new workers when needed. They are also expected to handle other tasks and duties related to the upkeep of a facility.

Duties and Responsibilities

Their duties and responsibilities include:
  • To ensure that all the maintenance activities are carried out as per the guidelines.
  • Hiring the right candidates for the job and training them.
  • Preparing the maintenance budget and ensuring that the costs remain within the budgeted amount.
  • In this competitive environment, where costs of the products are more or less the same, a better quality product can give the firm an edge over its rivals. Therefore, they have to make sure that the workers are putting in their best effort to sustain the standards of the company.
  • Like HR managers, they are responsible for maintaining the employees' records and evaluate their performances.
  • The safety of the workers is of paramount importance, so the maintenance officer, in coordination with the safety manager, ensures that safety regulations in the workplace are being adhered to.
  • Make recommendations to the higher management regarding the areas of improvement so that best practices are followed.
  • The tools used by the workers go through wear and tear over a period of time. They have to ensure that the tools are being properly used and make arrangements for replacing the defected ones.

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma is a basic requisite, with technical training in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other related fields being an added advantage. Basic computer knowledge is also a must, as this role involves working on various reports and making recommendations. Having an associate degree in the field of administration, management, etc., can also be beneficial. 
One thing that you must remember is that as the job demands supervision of others, companies look out for a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in the same or related fields. Apart from these requirements, one should have effective leadership and communication skills to manage a team in the best possible way.


The average salary is around USD 79,000 per annum. Like every other field, experience determines the compensation, bonuses, etc. Houston, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis are some of the cities where these professionals are in demand.
As far as the best states are concerned, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania top the list. If you have an experience of more than ten years, you can end up making anywhere close to USD 85,000 per annum.